Soldiers Sortie(TV)[2006]
Soldiers Sortie(TV)[2006]
Soldiers Sortie(TV)[2006]

Soldiers Sortie(TV)[2006]

Episode: 31 Area: China
Stars: Baoqiang Wang Sicheng Chen Yihong Duan More>> Language:
Director: Honglei Kang Year: 2006
Writer: Xiaolong Lan Genre: Drama
Producer: Qian Zhang Yi Wu Guo Hong

《Soldiers Sortie》Episodes

"Soldier Assault" Poster Xu SanDuo (Wang Baoqiang), who was not a soldier in the posters, drew the "surrender of the hands" when seeing the tank to the company named "Steel Seven Company" When Cheng Jin (Yi Zhang) became his reliance, Wu LiuYi (Jiadong Xing), a vice-class curator and fellow squad leader, was treated as a barbed thorn in his clumsiness. After the recruit training, Xu SanDuo was assigned to five remote maintenance training camps, accompanied by Cheng Cai (Chen Sicheng), a unit of the army, went to Steel Seven. Five classes squad leader, Lao Ma (Lei Fan), who was defeated by reality, was accepted as an order by Xu SanDuo. With a simple and honest attitude, he took six months to complete an impossible task for all. Completed the task, so that the whole five classes were moved, the spirit of a new look, so he came to ten years to look back at steel seven, see class monitor Shi Jin. After the joy, one by one seemingly impossible to cross the threshold of his word lined up. In the process, he learned a lot from Shi Jin, Wu LiuYi, Gao Cheng, old A Yuan Lang (decorated by Duan Yihong) and Wu Zhe (Li Chen (actor)). From a " Become a "good soldier."

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