Myolie Wu's post-natal return to the big screen Louis Koo Julian Cheung Francis Ng escort

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Yesterday, the film " Darker III " first exposed the lineup at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition. Three things came after Myolie Wu returned from the post-production and appeared on the big screen with partners Louis Koo , Julian Cheung and Francis Ng . The strong lineup brought together the Golden Age of Hong Kong Opera, and many viewers and fans said with emotion: “This is really the most anticipated film in Hong Kong this year!”

It is understood that Myolie Wu has devoted most of his time to family life since the “ Nothing gold can stay ” and bid farewell to the screen for some time. Yesterday, the film "Darker III" was first released at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition. Myolie Wu will officially return from the post-natal period and will be the first time to partner with Louis Koo, Julian Cheung and Francis Ng.

As a comedian of TVB, actors such as Myolie Wu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, and Francis Ng are all absolute powers in the eyes of the audience. Therefore, joining the “Darker III” naturally is highly anticipated. In an interview at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition, Myolie Wu unveiled an animated event and said with a smile: “Every time she is with Julian Cheung, she is still very fresh.” I remember that she was still single and her brother Julian Cheung had to give her a shot in the studio. Introduce boyfriend and make a lot of jokes. Louis Koo has just won the award at the Asian Film Awards and is even more hopeful. Darker III has become a topic for powerful performers.

"Darker III" movie version will be directed by the Hong Kong famous director Herman Yau , directed the " IpMan " series, " Shock Wave " and other works, the mainland box office is broken through 100 million, becoming one of the representatives of Hong Kong's director north. The director Herman Yau has teamed up with Myolie Wu and Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, and Francis Ng. Myolie Wu frankly stated that “it looks like the audience and hopes to appreciate the work earlier on the big screen.”

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