Aaron Yan blew pain depression experience: the world like a gauze numb from every other!

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Recently, South Korea SM company's portfolio 이 니 lead singer Jonghyun recently because of depression, charcoal suicide news shocked the entertainment industry. On the 19th, Aaron Yan personally demonstrated on his Facebook page that he was suffering from depression at that time. During his stay in Central China, he sought the help of a psychiatrist and instructed to take Palliative Solution, the beginning has really soothed the disease, but over time found that all emotions have become blurred and far away, "the world like a layer of gauze, everything is close to you, are also far away from you," when He was shocked to find himself numbed to the outside world before stopping the medicine, trying to get up on his own willpower and then slowly improving until he almost fell into the same state as an artist.

 Aaron Yan 自述抑郁症经历

Aaron Yan revealed that her mind was full of negative thoughts. However, she did not realize that she was labeled as "problematic" or "emotionally poorly controlled" when she sought help from a trusted friend. She was recommended to a doctor and found at the time of her visit The other non-psychological counselors, and self-questioning non-psychiatric symptoms, not only from beginning to end are unable to indicate their position, leaving him the courage to speak instantly evaporate. In the end, he could only find the courage to face the dark side of his heart by virtue of his strong willpower and the support and support of his family and friends.

 Aaron Yan

When Aaron Yan was discovered as an artist at the age of 20 and burst into red in just a few years, she was also emotionally challenged. Especially when she shot "Miracles for Alice," "I had endless suspicion of myself, walking dead When they live, their heads are full of negative voices. "While trying to signal distress to trusted people, they are labeled" problematic "and" emotionally poorly controlled. "

Yeah, who would have thought of Aaron Yan at that age when he was suffering from depression in the most beautiful years in his early twenties? Hard to imagine at that time he experienced what kind of pain and torture to get out of that dilemma! But now think about it, everyone is not easy, as a public figure is not easy, every move will be concerned about, are likely to be big news for everyone to talk about entertainment, ordinary people are under pressure, public figures greater pressure.

 Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan finally expressed this article, mainly want to share experiences with you, after all, had experienced that sense of helplessness, which also prompted him to pay special attention to the feelings of the people around, because any casual action, are likely to be distress signals , Waiting for others to find immediately, then even a look or greeting, will become the ocean of driftwood.

 Aaron Yan

In fact, Aaron Yan's focus is not to expose depression, but rather this passage: If you are just depressed, do not neglect their psychological stress and sad feelings; if you bring sunshine, then do not mean to sprinkle some sunlight to those who need it My heart. May this world be gentle to kind people, full of more sunshine.


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