This wave of exposure is blind! aaron yan 'split three men' lots of intimate photos and chat transcripts of kissing

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Linkeddb News November 8 Today's big exposure, is really blind star sister's eyes! According to Taiwan media, the entertainerAaron YanOn November 7th, a weekly magazine revealed that the victims had split three men in a row. Wave after wave of pictures of men kissing, accompanied by a screenshot of chat conversations to testify.

During his relationship with Aaron Yan, the source said that at one point, he thought he was the real one and was even brought byAaron Yanto A gathering of friends in the entertainment industry. However, after one year of dating, Aaron Yan's attitude was weakened. A man grabbedAaron Yanand B man took an intimate photo at home and played. Later, finding all the signs of betrayal, A man confronted Aaron Yan, who wanted to prevaricate on the grounds of ordinary friends. However, the C man immediately came to him and led him to a complete confrontation with Aaron Yan. As a result,Aaron Yanunilaterally broke up with him. It was difficult to accept the attitude of resolute and indifference.


"Break up if you want to," and "you live your life well!" This nonchalant, nonchalant attitude is a great way to break up. Cold treatment + moral care, this operation is also high eq ah. I thought I could be together for a lifetime, but in the end, I made myself passionate. I thought I was a lady in the palace, but I never thought I was just a fish in the vast fishing ground. It's terrible, it's hateful, it's hateful. A brother is like a brother, a woman like a garment. And what are they? This once so pure and lovely little boy, dare not imagine now can become this kind of feeling. This lets listen to the flywheel sea's net friendship how to do? After all, Aaron Yan, Wu Chun , Jiro Wang , Calvin Chen Composition of the flywheel sea, has also been amazing years...


I remember the movie Prank kiss "And" KoOne "Shy and lovable childlike juvenile, that fleshy face, slightly melancholy breath of the eyes, which is not a super-high recognition. Now, searching for Aaron Yan's photos, it seems like a different person? Time this pig knife has such magic power?


Some netizens also questioned thatAaron Yanhad rectified his appearance and started to take a flirty and seductive route.Aaron Yanwas responding only to the weight loss. Em...... Thin thin, this eyeliner eyebrow side face kills what ghost? Explain.


According to three photos of the kissing in the media and allegations of cheating by A man,Aaron Yanresponded: 'it's just A private interaction with friends. I hope you don't overdo it.'

timg (2).jpg

Hope the media do not over-amplify the news, star sister really will not magnify the news, because: this also needs to enlarge? Anyone with a good eye knows that. You bend, and split, and split, and at the same time not one, and play the same routines, boyfriend do not share you are sorry for this "play" technology.


The agency also saidAaron Yanhas been an entertainer who defends equal rights and CARES about a wide range of public issues. Star elder sister want to say: this is a face look lovely, inside deep inside "technical man", appraisal complete! So far,Aaron Yanhas issued a statement saying he has not managed his personal life. Hope he can precipitate himself and speak with strength.


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