Welfare 丨 large doll fairy tale Saturday << Smurfs >> Sunday << SnowWhiteandtheSevenDwarfs >> give you a free look!

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"Smurfs" " SnowWhiteandtheSevenDwarfs " These familiar children's stories about to stage on the stage of the doll situation, this is just the beginning of a gorgeous story ......

Touching music gorgeous dance

Cool lighting hilarious funny

You most want to see the fairy tale came

"Smurfs Wizard Genie Village"

On the other side of the mountain there is a group of Smurfs ...

Long, long ago, there was a small village Mushroom Village, hidden in the depths of People also ask . The village lived with some small creatures who claimed to be Smurfs. They united and loved each other and lived happily ever after. Later, there was an evil black wizard called Ge Ge Witch appeared, and he bent on seizing the Smurfs. He will be used to torture the Smurfs? Smurfs are the fate of what is it? Blue Daddy, Blue Sister, Cong Cong, Blues, Stupid, LelE ... How these cute Smurfs brave wits to protect the village from the wicked Ge Ge? When we are well-known animated cartoon doll on the stage, a stunning visual feast is coming!


"Smurfs of the Wizard Village" doll stage play

Performance time: November 18, 2017 10:00

Venue: Zhengzhou Art Palace

"The New SnowWhiteandtheSevenDwarfs Seven Dwarfs"

This is a gorgeous story!

It happened

An ancient royal family member!

In the castle

Live a beautiful princess Bai Baihe

She grows happily

And more and more beautiful

until one day

Her beauty overtook the queen

Queen through the magic mirror

Found this one

Her unacceptable fact


The SnowWhiteandtheSevenDwarfs out of the palace

And SnowWhiteandtheSevenDwarfs

Outside the palace

Encountered a group of magical people


Fated Prince

And the dwarfs ...


"SnowWhite and the SeventDwarfs and the Seven Dwarfs" puppet stage play

Performance time: 10:00 on November 19th

Venue: Zhengzhou Art Palace

When two of the most classic fairy tales in the form of a puppet theater on the stage, what will be a cultural feast presented to us, November 18/19, Xiaobian invite you to experience with your child for free.

Participation: scan the following two-dimensional code concerned about the relationship between the officer micro reply drama that will have the opportunity to get tickets.


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