Daniel Wu Stephen Fung Variety show debut Secret old friend get along the picture is simply not too good!

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Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung once the beautiful young CP actually appeared in reality show, fit to move bricks, how many people and Xiaobian saw this Picture when suddenly realized that the program is what is not important, just look Color value of the two can be an unlimited screen!

 Daniel Wu

 Stephen Fung

Although both of them have entered middle age, they have to make people feel that the years of treating the handsome people are really too tender. Looking back at the time of the homosexual movie " Bishonen ", both of them have faded away Sentimental feeling of the original, but obviously mature and strong uncle more likely to get lost fancier!


 Stephen Fung

The variety show that they took part in is called "The Beautiful House." The construction group composed of Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, Yi Yi , Yi Xin Tang , In Deok Hwang , and Pan Yousheng will show some old House transformation, the use of 60 days 60 million budget, build a beautiful house in everyone's dream.


Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung on the show are both worthwhile and technical.

 Daniel Wu  Stephen Fung

Daniel Wu graduated from the University of Oregon architecture department.

 Daniel Wu 学历

Stephen Fung was a graphic design major at the University of Michigan, and both were related to design and housework.

 Stephen Fung 学历

Daniel Wu saw the wood at the beginning of the program appears to be the most common work, Daniel Wu actually saw a sense of idol drama as much as this alone, enough to contracted the ratings of this episode !

 Daniel Wu

At the beginning of the program, Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung started discussing the issue of Yan values. Stephen Fung said she did not want to go with Daniel Wu and felt that the Yen was threatened (Xiaobian actually smelled a sweet-smelling taste).

 Stephen Fung 谈颜值

As an old friend of nearly 20 years, both of them did not forget to laugh at each other when they did their work. When Daniel Wu broke the news that "Bishonen" was being shot at that time, they both did not like each other so much. They also said that Feng was jealous of his handsome man, Until the "SWAT New Humanity," the two met a more handsome and cool people - Nicholas Tse , both found handsome, but he, even if the alliance are fighting, then give up. "

 Daniel Wu 干活

We can feel the value of three under the youth of the Yan, Gaochangjian!

 Daniel Wu  Nicholas Tse  Stephen Fung

After the picture once again talked to Nicholas Tse, Nicholas Tse found the house posters, and said that we must keep, posted at the door, properly drop the most handsome God!

 Nicholas Tse 躺枪

os Nicholas Tse: Actually, I'm just the most handsome cook in show business!

 Nicholas Tse

There is always a sense of déjà vu that two people are blowing each other in beautiful house. If the "beautiful house" as a middle-aged seclusion version of "Bishonen" point of view, when two middle-aged uncle talked like that year in the house rooftop talk, think about it all look forward to it!

 Stephen Fung  Daniel Wu

 Daniel Wu

In the same year, Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung starred in the same-sex movie "Bishonen." The film is bold in scale. There are still two pictures of the naked and passionate kiss in the stills.

 Daniel Wu

There is also Goddess Shu Qi in the film, Shu Qi and Daniel Wu at first, then chanced on by Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu on both occasions, both glimpsed at, with a glimpse of affection, and I'm afraid everyone Will be electrified, right?

 Stephen Fung

 Daniel Wu  Shu Qi

Later, two people can not help but forbid, began to kiss, intimacy, the two handsome crying big man staged scenes of small pink so many female fans crazy.

 Daniel Wu  Stephen Fung


After this movie, did not imagine two play really became a good base friend. After that, the two also cooperated in the movies such as SWAT , GlassBottle , Magic Kitchen, Gangster Beauty , and Houseofury . Co-founded the breakthrough film (film company), called the history of the most handsome CEO and chairman.

 Daniel Wu  Stephen Fung

Watch the show together

 Stephen Fung

Together on the magazine.

 Daniel Wu  Stephen Fung

Interview together

 Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu said, "Stephen Fung's movie, I'll follow suit."

 Daniel Wu  Stephen Fung

They are often put together by the outside world, and even they are allotted as CP parties. They also did not mind the two men and they also tried their best to bring the business to the American TV circle.

 Daniel Wu  Stephen Fung

Owned Own Family, Daniel Wu, who fell in love with his girlfriend Lisa for eight years, landed a life-long vow over the South African farms in 2010 with a simple, low-key wedding. Only a handful of loved ones were invited to the scene. Daniel Wu also said that two people decided to marry before they left Africa farm more than 20 days, there can be described as isolated, no cell phone, no computer, no network cable, the two really be back to nature, after nearly a month Get along, the two actually still not tired of each other. At that time, Daniel Wu decided that it was her!

 Daniel Wu 婚姻

As for Shu Kei and Stephen Fung, the two met each other for "Bishonen", met for 20 years and were allegedly scandalized for seven years. The two are in love. Do not! Cheng! recognize! In the face of a variety of intimate photos, the two also insisted that only a close friend, just as everyone was almost convinced that they are really just friends, in 2016, Shu Qi, Stephen Fung announced the marriage.

 Shu Qi 恋情

Wedding is the brand to send, suits with small pink dress are two days before the camera just bought in the street, and even the scenery is very casual street style, a "casual" wedding photos, a "Random" marriage notice, so that they 20 years of twists and turns entangled, the dust settles.

 Stephen Fung  Shu Qi

When the "beautiful boy" both grew into "middle-aged beauty," the "innocence" originally treated the cause and love, but did not diminish, faded greenish appearance, low-key mature Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung more charming, such a brotherhood , Such a marriage, perhaps is the best result of "Bishonen" then!


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