Wang Sicong is on fire again, this time not for girlfriend!

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Sicong Wang , Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin 's son, by 2010 it was Wang Jianlin well protected, has been studying and living abroad. Returning to China in 2010 is really known to all. In April 2011, Wang Sicong at Zhang Weixin , a founder of Weibo , defied Zhang Lanxin from sponsoring Xiaofei Wang with Wang Jianlin and the big S wedding. Claiming that his father did not know Zhang Lanxin at all. After that, Wang Sicong Wanda less the identity of the home was more and more people broke the news, Wang Sicong it also formally open anger mode, no matter who the other is displeased with displeased or ridiculed, provoked large and small Small number of storm, providing a lot of entertainment topics.

 Wang Sicong 微博.jpg

Recently, Wang Sicong quiet silence for some time and then opened, angry Chinese film trash, the director has a big problem. He also commented that " Brotherhood of Blades " is also a junk movie, a "thing that does not matter until it's all right," including "The Grandmaster, " too. More bluntly, director Wong Kar-wai is unprofessional. "If you are like him, you will not be able to shoot, you have to file a file, and an actor should be ten years old. Is not it funny?

 Wang Sicong .jpg

After completing the Chinese movie, Wang Sicong went on to say that his next "Banana New Director's Ground Breaking Plan" was to spend tens of millions to create a commercial film director's contest, hoping to select some newly recruited directors for China Future movie industry to do something good.


In fact, this is not the first time for Wang Sicong to make a domestic TV series. In 2014, Wang Sicong commented on Jiang Wen 's film "One Step": the children's shoes that have not been seen before, congratulations, and survived. After the film side to make Wang Sicong portrait made posters (after seconds deleted)! Wang Sicong once again issued a document that the other person attacks, but also lazy evaluation, and quickly released.

2016, again Feng Xiaogang 's " IAmNotMadameBovary ". The cause of the incident was Feng Xiaogang Weibo openly wrote to Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda, and Wang Zou satirizes Wang Jianlin's Wanda film to "IAmNotMadameBovary" too little film, can not be accused of the two companies because of personal resentment involved in the movie . In a statement, Wang Sicong quickly responded by revealing how Ning Ye , the former CEO of Wanda Pictures, was hijacked by Huayi and denouncing Feng Xiaogang's wording: " Pi-ying Yang is weird, listening to nausea." He also asked Feng Xiaogang : "Allowing you to squeeze someone out of the crowd does not allow us to reduce the layout of the film without looking good at you." "It's better not to be a director, but to speak out with the winning shot."

Half an hour later, Feng Xiaogang responded by calling Wang Sicong "Wang Xiaoshu, Cong Cong," and let him go. He also said that he likes his personality: "I have always followed you, my favorite is your honest, upright!" And Pointing out that Wanda should respect the laws of the market, which is also a dedication. After that, Bingbing Fan and Huayi President Wang Zhonglei also started to ease the atmosphere.

Not only the movie, the drama has not escaped Wang Sicong Tucao fate. " FighterOfTheDestiny " launch, think of the irony in the circle of friends: This is all I've seen in the TV series, the only one of all the protagonists will not act. Also said Lu Han and Liu Yifei are like, are paralyzed facial expression performed several plays.

 Wang Sicong 朋友圈.jpg

Not only 怼 movie dramas director, also tearing up stars, broke the news a lot of insider. Including Bingbing Fan, Viann , Zhang Zixuan , Ge Tian , Matilda Tao , Michelle Chen , and even Tin Shirley Wong , have been scolded by him, and there are several tearing fainting darkness, for which friends there is a summary of God, in a Among the young artists except Lin Gengxin , other people think of SatCont . Wang Sicong and Lin Gengxin met each other because of the game. Besides, they often interact not only on Weibo, but also in private. They not only go shopping together, eat and play games, but also set up a film and television company and signed artists. And every time Lin Gengxin's work is released in Wanda, the headlines of Lin Gengxin must be replaced with the microblogs of various cinemas in Wanda.

 Wang Sicong  Lin Gengxin .jpg

In addition to tearing half the entertainment circle, Wang Sicong changed his girlfriend speed is quite diligent. And he favors the red net. Wang Sicong once said in an interview: "I am a unmarried one, looking for a girlfriend only for pleasing to the eye, others will not be too concerned about it." Wang Sicong In recent years, friends are familiar with the girlfriend there are 13, all are red net + big chest + non-actress configuration.

The first: Chang Chien .

Nicknamed "Little Panda", Wang Sicong knew about studying in the United Kingdom. After breaking up with Wang Sicong, he returned to China to meet her current husband and was married in January 2014.

 Chang Chien .jpg

The second term: Wayne Wang .

Eighth Ruili cover girl runner-up. He was a milestone in the life of Wang Sicong, and she changed Wang Sicong's attitude towards love. Wang Sicong or innocence was a year, Wayne Wang wanted to red in the End of the World post that he was like North Rhinoceros, the result was the user flesh that she had the whole capacity, over chest, but also had the beauty model, the key fooled More than a man's money. Wang Sicong do not believe, but also angry with friends, the results of the users out of Wayne Wang's nude photos. Shortly after that, Wang Sicong broke up with Wayne Wang, and Wang Sicong changed her temperament so much that microblogging became increasingly toxic.

 Wayne Wang .jpg

The third term: Helen Yao .

The two had traveled together for a year.

 Helen Yao .jpg

Fourth term: Song Liang.

Song Liang is the 20-year-old girlfriend Wang Sicong broke the news in the clan, the family is wealthier.


Fifth: Kiko Mizuhara .

Kiko Mizuhara enrolled in the Beijing Film Academy Department of performance, starred in the movie " BodyguardsandAssassins ". 2010 63rd Cannes Film Festival main contest unit film "Sunshine Chongqing" as a supporting actress.

 Kiko Mizuhara .jpg

Sixth term: Zhao Yi.

Legendary WALKER INFORMATION, INC. Can (Wang Sicong's dog) mom.


The seventh term: Zhou Yang .

Zhou Yang and Wang Sicong had a two-month romance, girlfriends during the same dance studio of Zhang Yuxi participate induced break.

 Zhou Yang .jpg

Eighth: Zhang Yuxi.

Seventh Ruili cover girl champion. She is one of the most favored in the Wang Sicong harem, having sited on Wang Sicong's thigh at a concert. And after climbing up to Wang Sicong, a super big hit, Zhang Yuxi quickly got angry and shot quite a few net plays.

 Zhang Yuxi .jpg

The ninth: Michael Chan Jie.

Michael Chan Jie is the host, had collaborated column "wanted to make-up beauty," "Kangxi Festival." Michael Chan Jie data shows that the bust is 34D, seems to be in line with Wang Sicong's "big chest" standard.

 Michael Chan 婕.jpg

Tenth: Shen Ya-ting.

And Wang Sicong get along for 4 months, creating the longest record of dating Wang Sicong girlfriends in recent years. However, Shen Ya-ting broke up poor pitiful, got only a few bags was sent.


Eleventh: Lei Suet .

Lei Suet and Wang Sicong debuted their love affair in 2015, when the two were revealed to the bigbang concert. Lei Suet is a successful web redone with an annual income of 1 billion yuan, and is also one of Wang Sicong's most expensive girlfriends. . After breaking up with Wang Sicong, Lei Suet, who was proposed by second-generation Zhang Yan , is now pregnant.

 Lei Suet .jpg

Twelfth: Li Hui Yue.

Also known as Beidou Li Hui Yue is a just graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy students participated in "every day up", the two met at a party, Li Hui Yue went to visit Wang Sicong's house, she was drying out Photo of himself and Wang Sicong loving dog.


Now Wang Sicong's girlfriend rumored to be Changsha Mi Mi , Mi Mi once played the TV series " TheLeftEar " little ear, still in " Datang Glory " which plays Jing Tian 's maidservants.


As the saying goes, Wang Sicong of TieTang, the net red of running water, every girlfriend who has been associated with Wang Sicong won the spotlight, and some even broke up with Wang Sicong to open the Taobao shop. In fact, they also know that, together with such a son of sweltering son Tong Er, is nothing more than to increase their point of concern only, and sometimes, love is not so simple, not so serious ingredients.

Next time, who will be on the hot search list for Wang Sicong?

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