TFBoys harassed by illegitimate meals, Xu Zheng (actor) drunk angry with beat reporter? The privacy of the stars who should protect the

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Does celebrity need privacy? This is a commonplace question. There are two kinds of viewpoints, one side that the star as a public figure, the public's concern was the achievements of today's you. The public's concern is not only you in the work, as well as you in life: your clothing tastes, what kind of things do you like to eat in? Where are your friends? You like the night Po, home at home, Or sports, traveling ... They all want to know that these same privacy concerns because they like you;

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Another view is that: the stars are ordinary people, they need to eat and drink Lazard, they also have a lot of emotions, human nature, there is nothing to concern, since like her, like her interpretation of the works like, you have me have him The basic necessities of life?

In the past two days, the announcement and recorded video of TFBoys being harassed by illegitimate meals alone once again caused the concern and discussion of Grand View that "the stars need no privacy". As a fan of fanciful groups of idiotic rice, they crazy, irrational like their own idols, three small only illegitimate rice crazy to what? Sneak into the school to steal learning materials, books, late at night to the hotel telephone harassment , High-speed direct stop intercept parking vehicles, and even this year Karry Wang college entrance examination this year when there are private students went to the examination room should wait for aid ... ... love is restraint, three small only captain Karry Wang 18 years old, the other two have not yet Adults! Even though they are idols, they are only children.

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When love goes beyond a certain distance, how do we go down together? A few years ago there are still crazy fans exposed the residence information of Li Yi Feng , Yang Yang (actor) , and the information is only working in the public security system Personnel have some authority to inquire, such behavior has not only rebellion, but a crime. But no one without institutions can stop this "crime." Celebrity domicile information, marital status, flight information, and even to the hospital treatment information will be placed on the network to share.

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In the early morning of July 29, Xu Zheng (actor) blew himself up with the reporters on the internet and a video site filmed Xu Zheng (photo) Actor) hit the police station after the video came out from the police station, three o'clock in the morning ah. Most of you and I are still asleep.

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It is not right to beat people, but Xu Zheng (actor), who meets with friends, is being harassed by a stranger who can stand up and protect his rights. All this is the case, not to die in silence, erupted in silence. Xu Zheng (actor) drunken journalist incident, only to the bastard rice or some reporters sounded an alarm, not to like and work as an excuse, everyone has the right to privacy, and are protected by law. Welcome you like me, but also admire the dedication of reporters, restraint and mutual respect in order to get along co-prosperity!

So who should protect the privacy of stars? At present, China's right to privacy belongs to the indirect protection of the way, and no clear protection of privacy law, that privacy does not regard as a specific human rights, but the relevant provisions of our Constitution The articles clearly stipulate that the dignity of citizens will not be violated, that citizens 'houses will not be violated, and that citizens' freedom of communication and secrets will be protected by law. These are undoubtedly the origin of the constitution to protect the privacy of citizens. The law to protect only on the one hand, mutual understanding and restraint is the most important. What do you think?


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