August's mother actor Xu Jing was asked to withdraw from TFboys and SWIN.

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On this year's draft show who is the most talented, probably many people can think of is the "idolphical trainee" it, many directed at Bingbing Fan's brother Chengcheng Fan to see the "Idol" trainee audience, did not want to finally He was sucked by August and Chen Li-nong . In particular, August, a cartoon-like teenager, under the powerful family background and the material support of Xu Jing, the mother of August, he easily succeeded in the C position of Idol Trainer with more than 40 million votes. And debuted with Chen Li-nong, Chengcheng Fan, Justin , Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui (Wang Lin Kai) and Yu Changjing.

August's popularity has gradually led us to discover that his family background is amazing. When he was in elementary school, he was selected as a member of the TFboys. However, due to his young age and his parents' unfavorable prospects for the development of this combination, his parents He hopes that he will focus on his studies and let him miss the opportunity of a big fire. Later, August once again debuted with Swin in Star Motion Asia. He did not want to see August in several debuts of the group. It wasn't until August that he personally participated in Idol Trainer and everyone knew that August exited. Swin combination. Behind all this decision, Xu Jing, the mother of August, was actually in control.

When August was attending "Starry Asia," August's mother had repeatedly visited her son. Someone found that his mother was beautiful and young. She was an actor named Xu Jing. Xu Jing has long been active in the TV hosting stage. The sweet and pure temperament, the tall and slender body, and the amazing ability of superb acting and driving the stage make her slowly get the attention and appreciation of the director.

 August 演员妈妈徐静



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