Ma Sichun microblogging dog food, “July is Oho Ou.”

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In July of this year, Oho Ou is to be permanently housed in theaters. The participating members of " Green Wo Men's High ", " WuKong ", and " The Founding of An Army " are all released in July. Intimate girlfriend Ma Sichun also immediately microblogging for Oho Ou boost: "July is Oho Ou."

 Ma Sichun 微博撒狗粮,“七月是 Oho Ou 的。”92.png

This time, the following microblogging bright stars interact. Li Weijia laugh: "Say good July is Anson?" Zhou Dongyu 's reply to "There is a love to let go." As we all know, last year's release of " Soulmate " was performed by Zhou Dongyu Ma Sichun together, but also for both won the Golden Horse Awards, the young age is not easy to get this honor ah. Wu Xin also commented that "July is a month or a girl?" Song Jia (actress, born 1980) also commented: "Oho Ou is Ma Sichun." At that time, Ma Sichun played the role of July and happened to Oho Ou's movie was released in July, July is Oho Ou, the same pun-ah ~ this dog food Xiaobian swallowed.

 Ma Sichun 微博撒狗粮,“七月是 Oho Ou 的。”298.png

Li Ronghao also forwarded this tweet , "That's it, then?" Han Han bridge before two people know, when Li Ronghao is looking for "mv" actress, Han Han recommended three people to know this after, Li Ronghao and Ma Sichun are Anhui Bengbu people, hometown couple to make them more familiar Well, Ma Sichun also once ridiculed Li Ronghao's eyes. This time Oho Ou came out funny again, relayed Li Ronghao's Weibo, and commented: "If you can come back, I do not choose Li Bai ." This "mutual" all day, it seems everyone's relationship is very good yet.

 Ma Sichun 微博撒狗粮,“七月是 Oho Ou 的。”472.png

Xiao Bian learned Oho Ou from 2013, when he was a happy male player, in the crowd is very special, not the kind of feminine boys, but masculine and lively and handsome boy, in the talent show Such boys are particularly attractive to the girl. At Fast Boy, he also made friends Hua Chenyu , Zhang Yangyang (singer) and Pax Congo . Later, Hua Chenyu's music career has developed quite well. From the top ten members of the life, we can see Oho Ou exercise every day, and life is relatively independent, assertive. At first, many people thought he was a rich second generation. Later, in 2015, the long article published by Oho Ou stated his precocity and independence. He is not the second generation rich but exerts pressure on his family by his own efforts .

 Ma Sichun 微博撒狗粮,“七月是 Oho Ou 的。”711.png

Li Yuchun was considered Oho Ou's Bole, and during the fast men's top ten, Chunchun directly gave Oho Ou a cut. Oho Ou later said in an interview. "I am very grateful to Li Yuchun for the support she sent me further. Place. "Meanwhile, Oho Ou was also appreciated by Nicholas Tse for being invited to the creation and starring " Loves Max "on the theme song" FiresWereStarted ". Oho Ou's resources are getting better and better, with Nick Cheung , Sammi Cheng , Angelababy to catch the show, slowly toward the showbiz. In the " TheLeftEar " shooting, met Ma Sichun. After the affair of the two exposure, has been very low profile, this is a rare show of love ah.

 Ma Sichun 微博撒狗粮,“七月是 Oho Ou 的。”1179.png

Ma Sichun is also a very interesting person, met a Hongqiao sister at the airport, take the initiative to take a photo, but also advised a sister best to find a favorite thing, do not be in this, of course, handsome guy is OK, but this is not life Focus. Two people are flirting with the show, and Liu Shishi Nicky Wu , Angelababy Xiaoming Huang , Zi Yang Qin Junjie , Nam Joo-hyuk Lee Sung-kyung and Song Joong-ki Song Hye-kyo A pair of children? Ma Reynolds this section of Rebound for a long time Oh.

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