French Cannes Adds Pluto Moments, “Director's Biweekly, The Only Chinese Movie”

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French Cannes Adds Pluto Moments " Pluto Moments " "Director Biweekly" Only Chinese Movie

Recently, the Organizing Committee of the 71st Cannes Film Festival announced some of its official units in Paris. The Chinese-language director Ming Zhang , after five years of squatting, took the new film Pluto moments into the "Director's Biweekly" unit of the Cannes Film Festival this year. This is the only Chinese-language movie in the "Director Biweekly" unit of the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Pluto moments is led by famous actor Wang Xuebing , Lau Dan and MIYA . It tells a group of men and women who want to shoot a movie. They are frustrated and frustrated in the face of emotional desires and dilemmas. Through the night, Imagination is the only way out, and MIYA's performance in the film is also very dazzling. In the play MIYA plays his hero’s ex-wife, Grace Korea. As a film actor, she’s got a lot of water in film and television. She and Wang Zhu’s cognition of movies and life is getting farther and farther. It can be said that the appearance of a movie is also an action star. A big test of MIYA acting skills.

Ming Zhang once went deep into the mountains of southwest China a decade ago to explore the ancient funeral song " The Moment of Pluto ", and tried to create related films. Although the film itself was shelved due to unsuccessful investment, the decade-old funeral has been lingering in the director's heart and has inspired new creations that have made Pluto moments today. From 2014, Yang Shen , the producer, took the project into the Golden Horse Venture Capital and completed it now. The project itself also experienced the same difficulties in the film as the director and the founder.

The name " Xing Wang " in the title is relative to the earth, a kind of low brightness between darkness and light. This is exactly when the heroes of the movie are in anxious time. As a result, the visual tone of the film is also semi-dark and semi-dark. The director hopes to convey the contradictions and nightmares of the film through visual communication.

As with every previous work, Ming Zhang, as a director, still likes to personally look at the film in Pluto moments. This stems from his own fascination with camera movements, trying to replace himself into the story with a camera. In "Pluto moments", the shot is set as "followers of the characters in the movie", and the protagonists of each stage are followed by the shot in the same style.

"Pluto moments" is the second Chinese film producer after Shen Yang's " Long Days Journey Into Night " directed by Gan Bi was selected as "a concern". "Director Biweekly" and "Criticist Week" are two units that are parallel to the main competition in the Cannes Film Festival. The “Director Biweekly” unit was first created in 1969 by France’s New Wave cinematographer Truffaut. It is known for its bold art exploration and innovation spirit. Together with the “International Film Critics Unit” founded in 1962, it forms the two major Cannes Film Festivals. Parallel units. This year coincides with the 50th anniversary of "Director Biweekly".

Produced by Shanghai iQiyi Film and Shanghai Weige Culture Communication Co., Ltd. This is the latest achievement in the support of diversified creation since the establishment of Iqiyi Films. This year, Cannes's main competition, a focus, and director's two important three-week unit, Jia Zhangke , Gan Bi, and Ming Zhang represent the different aesthetic directions of the Chinese film, but they are also short- listed, representing the Chinese film entering a new era. Whether the "Pluto moments" can be captured in the "director's two weeks" is another focus of the Chinese movie at the Cannes Film Festival!

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