A love of traveling' zhang ying premieres modern drama 'killing young people' xiao xiang 'chen for love hate

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Recently, it was produced by jiangsu straw bear pictures co., LTD., qi new century pictures co., LTD., and jindong film and television culture center of the ministry of public security. Zhang Ying, partner Xiao Chen, , Jing Tian, Such as the co-starring TV series" A love of'll Filming for the ".Zhang Ying,posted the photo with the caption "thank you, thank you, don't give up".

Dare to love and hate Zhang Ying's partner Xiao Chen

As the first road-themed TV series in China,A love of'lltells the story of Xiao Chen's undercover cop jin xiaotian, who grows up after A life and death trial during A journey to protect famous works.Zhang Ying,plays Tina, an American Chinese American who is a straightforward and outgoing 18-year-old girl with a bit of childishness and willfulness, and has plenty of opposites with Xiao Chen.

& have spent After killing green net friend ask: "little elder sister and little day elder brother have affection line?" ",Zhang Ying,generous response to "unrequited love".Zhang Ying,plays Tina, who not only launches an emotional attack on jin xiaotian, but also gives him a great help in his task. The plot twists and turns, making people look forward to it.

Zhang Ying, who made her debut in the modern drama crossover, has attracted a lot of attention

A love of traveling is the first timeZhang Ying,has appeared in A modern drama. She was previously working on the movie TheDeadEnd She is the leading actress in the stage play sunspot. Later, in the popular variety show "the sound is in its place",Zhang Ying,showed her excellent speaking skills, so her performance in the play was well received by many audiences.

In addition to the two-way development of film and television entertainment,Zhang Ying,has also made great achievements in the music industry. She was awarded the most popular crossover artist award by music pioneer list. The recently released single "sad menu" is also ranked at the top of music lists and is a veritable crossover power flower.

It is understood thatZhang Ying,is the partner Wu Qian (actress) , Yujian Zhang And other youth idol dramas starring I only like you "Is also about to meet the audience, looking forward to more of her outstanding performance on the screen.

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