Jing tian steps on the “journey” of suspense, “a love of traveling” is scheduled to be broadcast next year.

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Star connection news: recently, China's first highway mystery love drama A love of'll Filming for the ". The play by Mao Weining Director and producer, Jing Tian, , Xiao Chen, Starring.

"A love of traveling" tells the story ofJing Tian,as A white-collar city white-collar li xinyue involved in A cross-border case of money laundering and drug trafficking, which was involved in A famous painting, and went to shangri-la together withXiao Chen,as A drug police officer jin xiaotian, which started A suspense and wonderful journey.

This time, li xinyue, the heroine played by Jing Tian, has a distinct personality. She does things by principle, which is slightly different from the roles she played before. The story of love, hate and hatred with other characters in the drama also filled the audience with anticipation.

Filming forA love of'lltook many months, traveling from the city to the plateau. During Jing Tian's transition from Dali to shangri-la with the crew, he encountered a road landslide, which made many fans and netizens feel cold.

The show is expected to air next year.

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