She is known as the' most expensive sister 'cause when people made this decision: admire your courage

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The once popular TV series "mendi", I believe many people have seen it, must be very impressed with the rich girl with the golden key in it, and today we are going to talk about the heroine -- lorla .

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As it happens,lorlaand the mendi master Tong we The wife of Make what ", looks very similar,Make whatonce sent an activity to take a picture together, the net friend see this is not two Yue Guan? Are you busy askingMake whatif she has an elder sister? It turned out to be lorla, and if I didn't know it, I thought they were sisters.

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Lorla was born in a family of cadres in changchun. She had a good life and excellent academic performance. Her father intended to send her to study abroad.

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Many people think that lorla's looks are cold and cold, and she has a noble temperament, so they call her expensive sister, but she thinks that such looks limit her, and she belongs to the kind who suffers from the disadvantage.

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Lorla's first film and TV series was a co-production Wang Zhiwen , Daoming Chen, , Ting Mei Cooperative urban emotion drama HandPhone "In which she plays the lover of wu yue. Thanks to her excellent acting skills and down-to-earth personality, she was praised by Daoming Chen, laying a foundation for her later career in performing arts.

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Lorla is a very special presence in the entertainment industry, because she is very low-key, she does not publicize herself basically, even publish the news on the Internet she rarely do, almost to the point of no show, only in the film and television drama can see her. It's been nine years since she started her career, and rumors about her are rare.

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In the heyday of lorla's career, she chose to marry, but also the flash marriage. Her husband, an executive at a sales company, is wealthy and can be considered a rich man. Although she chose to start a family when she was popular, it did not affect her "later career". For her indifference to fame and wealth, first to start a family after the establishment of the "entertainment industry strange work," netizens have been thumb up "admire your courage."

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Last year,lorlaattended "the birth of the actor," and Huang Shengyi And so on person cooperation, her acting is quite online, the performance is outstanding, wins the general audience's high praise. And last year's hit" MeinhalbesLeben She was in the movie Dong Jin The only person who is "afraid", although the part of play is not much, but full of energy. The most popular TV series The Rise of Phoenixes In the film, there is still her figure, in which she plays the emperor tiansheng's concubine chang guifei. Although she has received a box lunch, her excellent performance is unforgettable.

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The latest movie The road is high. Also starringlorlaand co-starring in The story of Yanxi Palace "The fire is back Nie Yuan ", the work has been brewing for a long time, and the two have been friends for many years, so that the woman she plays is favored.Nie Yuanalso said it was her turn.

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Nowadays, there is no shortage of popular actresses with high level of appearance in the entertainment industry, nor a large number of entertainers with good news. However,lorlais not a very popular actress. She lives at her own pace, which brings a kind and stress-free feeling. She always tries her best to make her life simpler and more ordinary.

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