Dont Go Breaking My Heart(Movie)[2011]
《Dont Go Breaking My Heart》(Movie)[2011]

《Dont Go Breaking My Heart》Cast

Zhang ShenRan Louis Koo Play)

Cynical financial talent, often flirting with Cheng ZiXin flirting, mutual affection, but the first date with another beauty to go, after being rejected by Cheng ZiXin understand the true meaning of love.

Louis Koo

Louis Koo Tin-lok (古天樂; born 21 October 1970) is a Hong Kong actor and film producer. He began his professional career as an actor in local television series, winning TVB's Best Actor award in 1999 and 2001. Then he focused on film career. Now Koo is one of the stalwarts of the Hong Kong film industry. Koo has been the ambassador of Hong Kong International Film Festival from 2014 to 2017. Koo founded "One Cool Film Production Limited" in 2013. As of 2017, One Cool Film has produced 14 films.

Cheng ZiXin Yuanyuan Gao Play)

As an investment analyst who comes to Hong Kong from the Mainland, his love is insistent and pure. His life and career in Hong Kong are unhappy. In the midst of the feelings of Zhang ShenRan and Fang QiHong, they are in a dilemma.

Yuanyuan Gao

Gao Yuanyuan (simplified Chinese: 高圆圆; traditional Chinese: 高圓圓; pinyin: Gāo yuányuán, born 5 October 1979) is a Chinese actress. She is considered China's "National Goddess" for her beauty and extraordinary acting skills.

Fang QiHong Daniel Wu Play)

A century-old man, a frustrated architect, Zixin encourages abstaining from being a reputable architect after his success. He worked hard for a long time and finally became a real man.

Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu Yin-cho (simplified Chinese: 吴彦祖; traditional Chinese: 吳彥祖; pinyin: Wú Yànzǔ; jyutping: ng4 jin6zou2; born September 30, 1974) is a Hong Kong American actor, director and producer based in Hong Kong, and as of 2015, starring as Sunny in the AMC martial arts drama series Into the Badlands. Since his film debut in 1998, he has been featured in over 60 films. Wu has been called "the young Donnie Yen," and is known as a "flexible and distinctive" leading actor in the Chinese-language film industry.

Yue Han Suet Lam Play)

Suet Lam

Lam Suet (Chinese: 林雪) is a Hong Kong film actor.

More Dont Go Breaking My Heart Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Terence Yin Ou Wen No introduction
Selena Lee Yun Fu No introduction
J.J. Jia Qiao YiSi No introduction
Larisa Bakurova An JiLiNa No introduction
Iva Law Lu Shi No introduction
Yan Jing-Yao Zi XinMuQin No introduction
Zhihua Wang Qi HongFuQin No introduction
Vibeke Ma Cheuk-Ning Shen RanMiShu No introduction
Zhou sound Qi CheJingJi No introduction
(None) Zi XinWaiPo No introduction
(None) Qi HongMuQin No introduction
(None) Zi XinTongShi No introduction
(None) Qi HongTongShi No introduction
(None) Fei Lao No introduction
(None) Shen RanTongShi No introduction
(None) CCBV News Anchor No introduction
(None) Senior Restaurant Manager No introduction
(None) Xing GanMeiNv No introduction
(None) Fa XingShi No introduction
(None) Di ChanJingJi No introduction
(None) Dai KeBoChe No introduction
(None) Ba ShiChengKe No introduction
(None) Xiao CanTingChuShi No introduction
(None) Di ShiSiJi No introduction
(None) Jiu BaMeiNv No introduction
(None) Jiu Bao No introduction
(None) Wa Xiong No introduction

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