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侠探Gao Fei (TV)[2014]


The TV series "Gao Fei" shows the story: After the announcement of the unconditional surrender in 1945, a batch of Japanese arms was reported to contain the Dragon City. The Communist Party, the Kuomintang, and the local warlords launched a photo contest for this. Gao Fei was ordered to go to Longcheng to find clues for the dead brothers. He led Jin XiaoBan, He Min and others, with the help of the Communist Party, Shen Bing from the Kuomintang, Lu DingJun, the local warlord on the hegemony side, and Japan, who was unwilling to surrender. The squad launched a series of thrilling struggles. The crisis has finally revealed the secret behind the Japanese arms. The Japanese plan to spread the virus. In the battle, Gao Fei had to repeatedly with her former lover Shen. Bing started the contest. When Lu DingJun hijacked the virus and took it for granted, Gao Fei and Shen Bing finally worked together to stop the plot of Lu DingJun and the Japanese, and wrote the song of justice with life and blood.

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