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Nini Ouyang Filmography(2)


AtCafe6 (Movie)[2016]

Feature: Green was born in a different family of ordinary people, grew up with her mother, a strong green mother after relying on little green growth. In high school, Little Green and the cutest girl, Xin Rui, talked about being in love and spent her high school career with his good friend Achi. However, the fate of the entrance exam to test a small green and heart to different schools. Between the heart and small green core, by the severe test of space distance. In college life, Little Green often go to visit the heart Rui, his intimate and delicate slowly conquered the heart of the heart core. However, the mellow beauty of love can not offset the sense of powerlessness of the distance between two people, the values ​​are gradually changing, and the feelings of the two slowly doping with other things. One day, the little green gave a birthday gift for the heart, regardless of the dangerous weather of the typhoon, and Achi rode a motorbike rushing all day, but on that day saw his most unwilling to accept the scene.

Graduation travel laughter (Movie)[2016]

Feature: "Graduation travel laughter" tells a group of adolescent students are about to face their most important exam in life --- college entrance examination. Ti YuLaoShi Li Jiaxue bid farewell to them, to rural education. After that, they experienced a difficult but laughing semester. The end of the college entrance examination, they decided to embark on a journey to find Mr. Li's graduation journey ... "graduation travel laughing" as a youth comedy movie, with a unique enthusiasm after 90, put aside the inherent love of adults and moral dogma, open up A brand new road to success. The end of the college entrance examination, the favorite Ti YuLaoShi also take advantage of the summer vacation to Xishuangbanna education, have not had time to deal with graduation confused perplexity, seven wonderful work began to plan a vigorous graduation trip. Seven people have to face the difficulties on the road after they have given their consent, and eating and transportation have become the biggest problems. In the process of fighting wits with the boss, we slowly found everything. The dilemma is not accidental, but the seven-year-old grandmother in the rich second generation in order to test them, specially sent to the hands of trouble ... ... tropical rain forest, monkeys and elephants have also become wonderful friends of the seven groups to help them together Cope with difficulties. In the sunset, Ti YuLaoShi walked slowly with a smile to draw a successful conclusion for the trip. It is reported that in addition to bringing together a film of youth idols, there are Kelly Niu Tien, Huang Zi Jiao, Lam Chi-chung and other predecessors blessing.

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