I Belonged to You(Movie)[2016]
《I Belonged to You》(Movie)[2016]

《I Belonged to You》Cast

Chen Mo Deng Chao Play)

Chen Mo, a radio DJ, is not mature enough to "be extroverted." Although helping the audience every day to help the brothers around to resolve their troubles, but in fact they are the most confused and lonely one. He does not say, does not express. In the face of reality, he wraps himself with all kinds of armor, using his poor, cheap, nonsense, and broken jar to cover his heart.

Deng Chao

Deng Chao was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province in 1979. He is an actor, film director, and investor in mainland China. In 1995, he was admitted to the drama class of Jiangxi Vocational College of Arts. In 1998, he was admitted to the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. After graduation, he was incorporated into the National Theatre of China. From 2001 to 2002, he starred in the sitcom "Kuailoqingchun" and the romantic comedy "When Love Lost His Memory" and later in the "Juvenile emperor" played the emperor Shunzhi, and then embarked on a comedy path that was very different from the comedy, followed by Juvenile Kang Xi. The plays such as "End of Ming FY" and "Best in the World" are called "The Emperor's Professional Household". In 2005, he starred in "Happiness is like a flower" and "Comrades: Almosta LoveStory" and successfully played "the children of the high school." By the 12th year, he starred in "Youth mystery", "Youth my brother" and "Ten years of love". In 2006, the main film "Assembly" won the Best Supporting Actor Award and nominated Golden Rooster Award. In 2007, the starring movie "TheEquationofLove & Death" won the Golden Phoenix Award. In 2009, he starred in the martial arts film DetectiveDeeandtheMysteryofthePhantomFlame, and was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor. In 10-13 years, he starred in the trilogy of box-office films “Painted Wall” and “Four Famous Catch”. For 12 years, he starred in the "China Partners" box office at 530 million yuan. Founded in 13 years, Deng Chao studio set up company. In 2014, he directed the comedy drama “Master of Breakups” at the box office of 660 million, and was the captain of the program “Chinese Running Man” during the same period, among which the ratings exceeded 5%. In 15 years, he won the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival Best Actor Award and the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor Award for the crime film TheDeadEnd. 16 years starring comedy "Aquamarine" at the box office 3.39 billion, starring in the same year starring love drama "I Belonged to You" at the box office 813 million. In 17 years, he starred in the art film "Wind and Waves" with over one billion at the box office. In the same year, he won the 31st China Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor in the same year with TheDeadEnd.

Li Zhi Bai Baihe Play)

Policewoman, full of justice she hearty sincere. Mao ShiBa, who loved to invent but was always in trouble, caught her attention. Li Zhi often chased after Mao ShiBa on the street. Li Zhi loves Mao ShiBa, and then daring to pursue beloved ones. This joyous lovers add a lot of joy to each other's lives.

Bai Baihe

Bai Baihe, born March 1, 1984 in Shibei District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, graduated from the undergraduate course of performance at the Central Academy of Drama and the film and television actress in mainland China. In 2006, she starred in the entertainment industry with her first TV series "Youth-Related Days". In 2011, with the cure of the love movie "Lovelorn 33 days" by the audience well-known, and won the 31st Popular Film Awards for best actress, she also nominated 49th Taiwan Golden Horse Film Best Actress and 15 China Film Award for outstanding performance actress. In 2012, the best actress named Magnolia Award for the 19 th Shanghai TV Festival was nominated for his career film "Floating Shen". In 2013, he won the best actress at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival with the love film Stolen Five Years. In the same year he starred in the comedy film "Private Order." In January 2015, starring youth inspirational emotional drama "Grow"; in June, the establishment of Bai Baihe studio; subsequently won the 13th China Changchun Film Festival Best Actress Award with the fantastic movie "catch demon Ji", and nominated 31st Chinese Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress; the same year, she also motivational film "get out! Cancer Jun "won the 16th China Film Award for outstanding actress award, the 7th China Film Directors' Association of the year actress and the 23rd Beijing University Film Festival best actress. In 2016, she won the Best Actress Award at the 8th Australian International Chinese Film Festival with the film "Hot Pot Hero"; in the same year, she also won the Outstanding Contribution to China International Film Festival Award. In 2017, starring in the police bandits action movie "kidnappers", urban medical industry inspirational drama "surgical situation." In 2018, starring movie "Dream Catcher 2".

Mao ShiBa Yang Yang Play)

Chen Mo's cousin, who likes the technology of dodging electrical appliances, is a dreamless inventor in the mouth of Chen Mo. Mao ShiBa was always in trouble on the road to invention, and then attracted the attention of People's Police Li Zhi. They talked about falling in love during the constant chase. He spent his lifetime IQ in love, want to give his best friend Li Zhi life, then succeed in Daocheng Aden.

Yang Yang

Yang Yang (simplified Chinese: 杨洋; traditional Chinese: 楊洋, born 9 September 1991) is a Chinese actor. He made his acting debut in the Chinese television drama The Dream of Red Mansions (2010). Since then, he has received recognition for his roles in television dramas The Lost Tomb (2015), The Whirlwind Girl, (2015), Love O2O (2016) and film The Left Ear (2015). He was ranked fifth on the 2017 Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.

Yao Ji Crystal Zhang Play)

A simple, sweet girl, intern with Chen Mo, a radio intern behind Chen Mo. The mistakes made a once-in-a-lifetime trump card, "From Your World," the cause of her internship, has been buried deep in my heart.

Crystal Zhang

Zhang Tian'ai (Chinese: 张天爱, born 28 October 1988), also known by her English name Crystal Zhang, is a Chinese actress and model. She is best known for her breakout role in the 2015 hit web-drama Go Princess Go.

More I Belonged to You Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yunpeng Yue Zhu Tou Chen Mo's hair small, college classmates, unemployed one, by Chen Mo called "the most silly city." In order to earn money to buy a house, tutor, black car, restaurant he has done, what can make money to do. He tried hard to save money, hoping to give his girlfriend Yan Zi the best life in his heart Nothing is more important than Yan Zi.
Juan Du Xiao Rong Radio ace DJ, director. A daring urban businesswoman who understands exactly what she wants is her career choice or love. And Chen Mo's feelings are absolutely true and sincere, but the two are very different direction after entering society, Chen Mo is romantic, unruly, but Xiao Rong is to do business.
Ada Yan Zi Chen Tou and Zhu Tou's big school flower, Zhu Tou crush her from the third year. Yan Zi accidentally involved in the same room theft, was criticized by the school notice, no one believed her, except Zhu Tou. Two fell apart after Zhu Tou fell in love with college and sweet college days.
Xueqiu Liao Chen MoMaMa No introduction
Weiyu Cao Cao Zong No introduction
Qinan Wang Jian ShenTingZhong No introduction
Pan Xiao Chi MianTingZhong No introduction
Cao Cao Tai Chang No introduction
Death of Elisa Lam Dian TaiKaoGuan No introduction
Chao Liang Lao Chen No introduction
AiqinZhang Zhu RouNan No introduction
Meie Zhang Da Ma No introduction
Hanjin An Dao Bo No introduction
(None) Hun ShaNv No introduction
Liu Le Si Yuan JiaZe No introduction

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