Village official(Movie)[2014]
《Village official》(Movie)[2014]

《Village official》Cast

Sun HaoRan Gang He Play)

Fresh graduates, in order to solve the employment problem had to enter a remote village as a college student village, the conditions behind the addition of young arrogant, he just came to the village head to come to a disappointment, in order to fight in one fell swoop challenge "authority" This opened up their own public servants of the road.

Gang He

Gang He was born on July 1, 1982 in Pingyao, Shanxi Province. He is an actor in mainland China and graduated from Huaihua University in Hunan Province. In 2005, starred in the first personal TV series "Anita Mui Philippine" into the showbiz. In 2006, starring Zheng family drama "Golden Marriage" directed by Zheng Xiaolong. After that, he successively starred in military inspirational drama "the fifth space", bitter drama "Mom for my marriage" and other works. In 2010, starring in love light comedy "Need Mom"; the same year, starring in the martial arts costume "Meteor butterfly sword" attention. In 2011, due to starred in the family ethics drama "home, N-th" Xue Yang corner once again caught the attention. 2012, by virtue of youth inspirational drama "Beijing Youth" He Nan corner of the audience is well known. In 2013, starring in the Hakka folk epic drama "Tai Nan moved" as Liluo Sheng. In 2014, starring the national drama "stepmother spring." In 2015, he participated in legendary costume drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zilong." In 2016, starring in costume inspirational drama "heavy ear biography."

Tian HuaHua Like Wang Play)

Native-born rural girl, spicy, straightforward and stubborn, was "village flower" chased by many young men, but she was alone in college student village official Sun HaoRan.

Like Wang

Wang Like (Rainbow), born on February 27, 1987 in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China Mainland film and television actress. In 2004, 17-year-old Wang Like starred in the first episode of his own drama Scarlet Romance. In 2007, Wang Like starred in the revolutionary drama "Red Lantern." In 2009, Wang Like starred in the sixtieth anniversary of the founding drama "cold arrows." In 2011, Wang Like starred in the war drama "Shangri-La." In 2013, Wang Like won the Best Newcomer Award at the Macau International Film Festival with the film "The Golden Bride". In 2014, Wang Like won the best cutting-edge actress award in the Top 100 Best TV series by the costume drama "Tea Ode." The following year, she won the China Television actress award.

Ding PangZi Liu Liu Play)

Ding PangZi, in Yingjie village he not only responsible for passing on the news, but also for the contradictions caused by accidentally help the village official mediation, can be described as the saddest reminder of the supermarket boss.

Liu Liu

Liu Liu, formerly known as Liu Yanbin, was born in May 1963 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. He is a famous actor, a national actor and a member of the Chinese Artists Association. He has also served as the deputy head and head of the Heilongjiang Fine Arts Group. In the performing arts career for many years, the teacher crosstalk actor Zhao Chuntian, writing and participated in performing many excellent comic, sketch and film and television drama, the main works are: 2006 starring drama "Ma Dashuai 3", starred in the 2008 sketch "torchbearer" , 2009 masterpiece "mountain Happy Camp", the same year began to star in "Love Village" series.

Shen GuiZhen Yao Wenting Play)

The beauty of the village, because Gao Yuan brother Gao Jun to protect her in a car accident, so she has been Gao Yuan as a family, silently take care of him.

Yao Wenting

Yao Wenting, born on November 9, 1982 in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province, graduated from Beijing Film Academy and the mainland actress. To participate in many TV series and movies, to participate in the model contest winners. Has participated in the movie "Road mouth chicken shop", TV series "Yang Shan Chau" "Tibet secret", the network drama "desire" and many other film and television drama.

More Village official Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Shuo Yang Wu Cheng Wu Cheng, cousin of Sun HaoRan and assistant village head of Union Village, has always been concerned with his cousin's affairs.
Xiaoxi Wang Ma DaShan No introduction
Haiyan Zhang Ma ChunJuan No introduction
Wu Liansheng Zhou KuaiJi No introduction
Wenqi Zhao Xia Lan No introduction
Liu Bo Hao Yang Feng No introduction
Wang Weiguang Gao Yuan No introduction
Rui Xiu Chou LaoWu No introduction
Shan Qiao Ge ErLei No introduction
Chuan Shi Zhou DaZhi No introduction
Yang Ming Yue Ma Lan No introduction
Sandy Yu Xia LanMa No introduction
Yi Yang Xia LanBa No introduction
Sentence trillion Jie Wang ZhenZhang No introduction
John Do Sun Fu No introduction
Yan Baohua Yan PeiLin No introduction
(None) Tian SanYou No introduction
(None) He ShuFen No introduction
(None) Wang ZhaoDi No introduction
(None) Lv JinFeng No introduction
(None) Gao YuanMa No introduction
(None) Ge ShuJi No introduction
(None) Sun Mu No introduction
(None) Yan Yi No introduction
(None) Yuan MiaoKe No introduction
(None) Cheng MenLiXue No introduction
(None) Li DaYa No introduction

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