Last Letter(Movie)[2018]
《Last Letter》(Movie)[2018]

《Last Letter》Cast

Xun Zhou Play)

Xun Zhou

Zhou Xun (Chinese: 周迅, born 18 October 1974) is a Chinese actress and singer. She gained international fame for her earlier roles in Suzhou River (2000) and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002).

Hao Qin Play)

Hao Qin

Qin Hao, born May 19, 1978, actor, graduated in 2000 from the Central Academy of Drama Performance Department. In 2005, starring in the movie "Green Red", and with the crew for the first time to Cannes. In 2009, starring movie "Spring Intoxicated the Night," won the 62nd Cannes Film Festival Best Screenplay Award. In 2010, starred in the film "Sunshine Chongqing" with Wang Xue 圻. In 2011, participated in the film directed by Zhang Yimou movie "Jinling 13 hairpin." In 2012, starring in Japan and Japan film "first arrived in Tokyo." In 2014, the film "Minamata" starred in Berlin premiere and on March 8, 2016, the first "Golden Sheep" Macao International Film Festival "Golden Sheep" best actor. April Fool's Day 2016, starring in the movie "Hot Pot Heroes" release. In 2017, starring Chen Kaige directed movie "demon cat biography" release. December 29, the movie "solution worry grocery store release. In the same year, starring society sent the reasoning super-network drama "crime without a license". Join the modern adventure theme drama "Shahai." In 2018 starred in military drama "Wei officer is young."

Jiang Du Play)

Jiang Du

Jiang Du (Du Jiang), born September 10, 1985 in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China Mainland film actor, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2007, starred in the first personal television series "Diamond Five difficult love", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2009, starred in the first film "Silver Empire." In 2011, its spy movie "spy tenderness" released. In 2012, his debut metropolitan business drama "Celadon" premiered. In 2014, the starring medical emotional drama "Young Doctor" premiered and plays an emergency department intern Zhao Chong. In 2015, with his son Du Yuqi as a fixed guest to participate in Zhejiang Satellite TV parent-child interactive reality show "Daddy came back in the second quarter" recording. In 2016, the starring urban comedy movie "High Heels," was released and won the "Best Actress" award for LeTV Eco Night by virtue of the anti-string performance in the film. In the same year, in the urban emotional drama "Beijing meets Seattle "Actor played Linnuo speech. In 2017, with his son Du Yuqi as a fixed guest to participate in the mango TV parent-child outdoor reality show "where the father went Season 5" recording; the same year, starring action movie "The Red Sea Operation"; December, won the "Commercial Star Power Pinnacle Annual Festival "Annual Attraction Star Award, Tencent entertainment white paper variety star award.

Wendy Play)


Zhang Zifeng (Chinese: 张子枫, born 27 August 2001), also known as Wendy Zhang, is a Chinese actress. She is best known for her role in Aftershock (2010), which won her the Best Newcomer award at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards.

More Last Letter Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yanshu Wu No introduction
Dun Eun Hee No introduction
Zhuo Tan No introduction
Ge Hu No introduction

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