“wild” or “urban”, su yunying is a soul singer.

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"Nature" is the motif of su yunying's creation. Hotaru ", to the later Ming Ming and the more recent reflection of life, is a thread that revolves around the expression of "nature". This creative direction is based on su yunying's own experience and characteristics of reasonable choice, the strong "wild" state seems to determine her doomed to speak for "nature". However, in fact, su yunying'ssingerstyle Gerry always had some contradictions and fusion. As she studied folk music and popular music, she was familiar with the essence of two music forms. Therefore, in her specific songs, the perfect integration between the nation and the world is impossible to separate them, because su yunying did not simply add, but completely digest the two forms after the synthesis.

So, the "wild" su yunying never looks embarrassed in the popular context. She was able to write singer Serious singing shows like this will compete with a number of traditional strengths, and will also be able to crossover with young musicians on hip new music shows like this one. If su yunying is compared to a "spirit", then she is definitely not only a wild "spirit" active in "nature", her range of activities has broken through the limits.

All this is just to show that su yunying is not limited by the solidification of her cognition. In the newly released single "are you also?", she actively jumped out of the public stereotype and tried more.

This time, in "are you also", she completed the "city" proposition.

From "nature" to "city", this is the overall migration of the Angle of creation, accompanied by the transformation of song type, style elements, performance presentation and other specific technical aspects. There's life reflection and there's you too, and the two songs set up a clear path to migration and transformation. This operation su yunying invited two main helpers, responsible for the arrangement of songs Chang Shilei As well as the production of the waste well 11. All three of them are highly stylized musicians who have their own unique understanding of music. Therefore, the three of them successfully created this song with extremely different colors.

In terms of the song type, reflection of life belongs to the melody type, and so do you, which belongs to the rhythm type, especially in the arrangement of music, through the use of all kinds of percussion to enhance the rich style of rhythm. The emphasis on rhythm is precisely to match the "urban" proposition, because strong rhythm can be expressed concretely Metropolis The sense of pressure, the rapid pace of life, the pressure of survival. Based on the sense of rhythm, "are you the same" creates a completely different picture from "reflection of life", which is a field of tea picking in the mountains Ning Jing The former is the hustle and bustle of the crowd rushing forward. In Metropolis, everyone seemed to be anxious, and "are you also" was the song that embodied such "pain points".

In terms of style elements, reflection of life is a typical operation of su yunying, which combines pop elements with ethnic elements. Is it you? Is quite experimental. Reflection of life is about "nature", and "are you also" is about "city". Therefore, the overall temperament of the former is more inclined to the freshness of reincarnation, while the latter is the reality of going to Metropolis. In order to complete the depiction of reality, "are you the same" chooses to highlight the texture of the grotesque and the electric light and firestone from the style level, especially to convey various kinds of comic exaggerated effects in the city through various electronic tones. In such a "city", su yunying this "spirit" is bouncing, nifty.

In terms of singing presentation, su yunying in the reflection of life is closer to the most iconic singing mode, with original ecological spirit, especially the integrated fashion and national two ways to freely connect with the infinite speed. In "are you the same?", the complete change mode is adopted. The singing idea here is closer to the hip-hop style, which emphasizes the freedom and changeability of "Flow". And overall selection based on the state of daily output, more vocal cords are in heavy voice function state, no longer the same emphasis on trademark after partial technical flow anger to use vibrato, more is true of voice, the main song some obvious bubble sound tone conveys a clear sense of everyday, this effect is in after Su Yunying songs. Through such singing, "are you the same?" completely presents all kinds of human voice colors in the "urban" context, which can be self-deprecating in the deep sense of helpless reality, can be the delirium in the dream, and can also be the positive joy to face negative emotions.

Also, in "are you?" the vocals are intended to create more layers. For example, the vocals of the second chorus are low-fi tones that are conveyed through the effects. Whether it is the daily primitive tone or low-fi tone, these choices are designed to match the theme of "city" of the song, to create a realistic experience from the perspective of intuitive sense of hearing. As the form of human voice is more diverse and rich, su yunying's singing has already broken through the level of pure "singing", but stood in the height of musicality to dig the possibility of human voice expression.

Combine the above three aspects to create, "are you the same?" finally completed the statement of the proposition of "city". Through the style to shape the dazzling city mirror, through the lyrics to depict the urban population's anxiety, through singing to heal the urban population's anxiety. Therefore, this song is of great significance in the creation of su yunying. She began to enter the context closer to the public through "are you also? Su yunying in the song no longer has a sense of distance, but with you and I live in the city urbanite.

Her works with singing at the moment is no longer a "fairy", but a fine to the delicate exquisite, such as the chorus is conform to the divine comedy pattern of "are you?" at the moment it is not just to make brain washing effect, more is in the use of the Loop method to simulate the city's quick rhythm, at the same time, the use of asking repeatedly make is in complete with urban mass communication, is to say, you and me, we will encounter in life lonely, impetuous, anxiety and so on negative emotions.

The message conveyed by su's dancing freedom in her songs is: everyday life in a city may be ordinary or even bad, but we can still enjoy it in it.

Although "are you also" has a distinct style and content from its past, it is not a deliberate transformation. Because, "do not model" su yunying has a variety of possibilities originally, which one belongs to routine operation. Even mentioned this time "the city" proposition, is also a link in the previous works, such as the reflection of life, although creative inspiration from the mountain wild, but in which highlights the clear urban mapping, only the opening "halfway up the hill" that is enough for the work in the office you sigh tears, between "man" at the middle is all toil, betting struggle of portraits of people. Therefore, from reflections of life to you, from "nature" to "city", this is actually the smooth extension of su yunying's creation and expression. These two songs can also be sung to the city people, tell us that although life is not easy, but should always Cao Ngao Tao You look at the other side Yuko Mr Takayama How beautiful.

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