What happened to the Andy Lau family? A frame shows love [Photo]

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Andy Lau began to slowly relax the privacy of his wife and daughter after recovering from his injury. We also saw the true feelings of Hanna, the daughter of King Liu. In February, his wife, Carol , returned to Malaysia to worship the ancestors with his daughter. In fact, Carol returned to Malaysia every year during this time. However, this time, Andy Lau even appeared in the box with his wife and daughter back to Malaysia, which is very rare. In general, he returned to Malaysia with different classes and daughters. The media took a picture of their family of three at the Malaysian ancestors returning to the Hong Kong Airport. At that time, they sent 12 people to escort.

According to media reports, Andy Lau and his wife's daughter came back at the Hong Kong Airport at the Malaysian ancestor worship. He was wearing a black coat and black hat and was wearing a mask for the first time out of the cabin.

Come to the front of Andy Lau and look so young. The tip of the eye, Andy Lau, soon discovered the location of the reporter. He looked at the camera with a sharp look.

However, Andy Lau has become accustomed to the camera and he walks easily. As for the car he was behind, Carol, when Carol was wearing a white T-shirt and was wearing a mask. The moment when he lowered his head and his hair blew up was beautiful.

As for the back of their daughter Hanna, Hanna was held by the worker sister and there was a bodyguard next to him.

This is a close-up of Hanna's face. At the age of 5, she is getting taller and taller. Her eyes are big and tall and her nose grows more and more like her mother. She was still licking her hair when she was photographed by the media.

Afterwards, the party began to disperse the camp. Andy Lau, who was originally at the front, decided to walk to the bottom of the team. As for his wife, he was in front of him. The worker sister and the bodyguard are on the front and they leave quickly. There is a distance of 1, 2 meters between the couple, I believe that does not want too many people to recognize.

However, when they arrived at the escalator, they apparently relaxed. The family of three finally stood together. Although it is a bit vague, but look at Andy Lau's face should be looking at the back of her daughter, the daughter is not seen because it is blocked by the bodyguard, the bodyguard will protect Hanna, he was in the elevator when the full stop the camera from the media Photographed Hanna.

After arriving at the parking lot, Carol hurried to get on the train. Andy Lau finally walked slowly with her daughter's little hand. Her daughter was very excited and had been jumping around.

They returned to the car one step at a time. After 20 minutes, 6 people took their luggage. This time, they returned to Malaysia to use four luggage carts to get things done. A total of 17 suitcases were installed. It seems that this time, their family of three not only went to worship the ancestors, but also played fairly well in these two weeks. Enjoy yourself.

So how many people did Andy Lau actually move this time?

Let's take a look at the media's introduction. In addition to the Andy Lau family of three when they went to Kuala Lumpur, there were three worker sisters, two bodyguards and a female assistant.

When I used it, I used six people to escort. When do I come back?

On the day before returning to Hong Kong, Andy Lau prepared two nannies, counting the driver, the bodyguard, the worker sister, and the staff who took things. Andy Lau used 12 people.

In fact, Andy Lau had attached great importance to her daughter's privacy when she was young. Many times have been photographed using multiple people to protect her daughter's travel.

Once Andy Lau and Carol took injections with their daughters, resulting in the use of a lot of bodyguards.

At that time, the bodyguards were holding umbrellas to prevent the media from photographing the front of their daughters. The scenes were so messy that they needed to send the police to mediate.

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