Selina Selina Jen debut in New York Fashion Week white suit handsome out

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February 14, Beijing time, Selina Selina Jen debut in New York Fashion Week, and recently opened a show backstage Snapshots. Earlier, Selina wearing Michael Kors2018 spring series red one-piece dress, with black rivets locomotive jacket, appeared in Taipei Taoyuan airport, no lack of sweet and lovely, open shape has aroused numerous media and fans of the heat. The opening feature photos, Selina Selina Jen dressed in Michael Kors 2018 Jessie Li series, with the help of the brand of professional designers, ready to modify the scene at any time, the process has been tight Zhang has ordered the first participation in Fashion Week Selina shouts, praising the professionalism of the staff. White Katsuyuki Konishi with dark striped shirt is also a Dai Xiangyu beautiful Selina with rare style, just with a soft fashion sense is also very satisfied with the brand, get the designer's unanimous approval.

Subsequently, Selina again with a geometric image stitching dress MARCJACOBS autumn and winter show to take off, dressed in a suit dressed elegant princess dress, slim graceful wind, handsome afternoon elegance and ease of change. This set of clothing because of the need for direct selections in Hong Kong, delayed for a long time in the Customs and Excise Department, almost let Selina think you want to miss this favorite clothes, but fortunately clothing arrived at New York the night before, we saw such a perfect Selina.

The Selina by Michael Kors and MARCJACOBS invited to attend the new season fashion show, not only witnessed the release of the brand 2018 autumn and winter series of new, and designers collide with the trend of the classic brand new spark. The fashion week trip also set a good start for Selina in 2018, and the new year Selina is bound to go all the way in fashion too.

Selina 亭亭玉立尽显婉约风

Selina Slim graceful style


Selina white suit handsome out of points


Selina background exposure exposure


Selina show the background highlights photos


Selina debuts in New York Fashion Week

Selina Selina Jen 身着 Michael Kors  2018 Jessie Li 系列

Selina Selina Jen is wearing the Michael Kors 2018 Jessie Li series


selina dressed in elegant dress full

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