Write a poem for you' special episode of 'be in love and be stupid

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Star connection September 26Directed by newcomer Kenji Wu Directed and acted, zhou still, zhou keyen, su shi wei, Chou PeiPei Starring, Chang Pen - yu The film adaptation of Kenji Wu's classic song "write your poem" has been announced for November 2. Recently, the film released a new "love and be silly" version of the story, the first exposure of the film behind the scenes fun.

The plot returns to college days. Chen shijie, played by Kenji Wu, makes a surprise crossing after his heart accelerates to 160 and completes his fantasy crossing with the company of his friends. The interaction between the leading actors is fun and shows how a group of like-minded friends can be silly together.

Mutual love and sillyKenji Wushow on the set was brutally abused

In this special episode of "love and be silly",Kenji Wuand zhou are still filming an intimate kissing scene, while the heroine zhou still breaks the romantic atmosphere of the scene and makes onlookers laugh.Kenji Wucouldn't help but quip: "" the first time someone made a love scene, they suddenly farted. And the "man of all time" actress has also achieved the public expectation, creating many Revelations for Kenji Wu, the king of the joke, to come to the news of the movie was the female protagonist's rage, not only the set fart to provoke laughter, a day to eat two buckets of rice is also the male actors have no respect. It was this natural unpretentious freshness that made everyone on set fall in love with the impressive actress. Zhou then fired back, saying that director Kenji Wu, who seems serious but likes to be stupid, often makes a sudden change on set to bring joy to everyone. As a fantasy romantic comedy, the film "write a poem for you" still contains many difficult scenes, such as weiya, heavy rain and fighting. Each scene is a new challenge for the actors. How such a diverse mix of elements will ultimately be presented to the audience is also something to look forward to.

It is worth mentioning that the film has carried on the special setting to across the way, than ever before, the protagonist in unwittingly through back to the past, that the heart speeds up to 160 can through Chen Shijie, after skiing wear underwear, own coffee mix new drink method, platform diving and a series of challenges, how to love, what kind of results that multiple through the routine and how will show, and waiting for the audience into the cinema.

Fun on set actually goes to the heartKenji Wushares his creative mood and interprets it as being silly

In the special,Kenji Wureveals his creative path for the first time: "in the process of writing, doing and photographing, he finds that what he most wants to write about is regret and regret. And then found, the original most precious, in place." The interpretation of "silly", he said: "the most stupid, is to love a person, love for a lifetime so long, for the other side to pay everything. This movie, maybe, will get you back to being a quick heartbeat and a goofy version of yourself."

With Kenji Wu's journey back to the past as the main line, the film shows in various innovative forms in love and friendship. Everyone will meet a group of people who are willing to accompany you and make their heart beat faster, and these seemingly silly and ordinary pasts will bring us the most beautiful memories.

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