Nobody' hits box office for 'not being ordinary' hit the box office for 'dark horse of the year

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Linkeddb News November 21& have spent Fantastic comedy Nobody Since its release, the movie has been enjoying a high reputation, with its rating on douban rising to 8.4 points in one day from 8.0, a new high in the same period of release. In recent days, it has achieved the first place in attendance rate and the first place in average. Good films and good word-of-mouth have been a hit at the box office, and "Nobody" took a $100 million hit from its first day in Hollywood yesterday, a double hit at the box office. The audience also expressed that "laugh before cry", "in front of the smile more brutal, cry behind more miserable". Today "Nobody" has released a special episode featuring the film's sincere and sensitive characters.

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New special exposure Chen Jianbin Ren Suxi The dignity of the moment is lost the little man is not willing to be ordinary lead the resonance

The letter begins with "did you ever want to give up your moment?" Then it shows Ren Suxi's determination to die: "as much as you want to be a big brother, I want to die. I want to die as much as you want to get married." And then these "not wanting to be seen by others" came like a flood: Chen Jianbin was abused by his daughter, Ren Suxi incontinence,Lee Jang woo -The lies are exposed, and so on. The masks that everyone is struggling to hold up are completely torn off, the self-righteous self-esteem is completely torn apart, and everyone's bloody scars are shown in front of the audience. After each character experiences misunderstanding, rupture and despair, the frozen heart gradually opens the heart door, any kind of deep feeling that touches the soul starts from understanding each other's pain. Therefore, from this moment, they changed from "a poisonous and deformed girl and a silly and stupid man" to "ma jia-qi and hu guang-sheng". Chen Jianbin and his daughter learned to sit down and reconcile. Lee Jang woo - Binlong Pan Fight for your dreams They summon the courage to regain their self-esteem. They learn to reconcile their lives with their pain, and find peace in their despair, even though they are still dealing with the bleakness of life. After watching this video audience shout loudly: "each character's fresh appearance in front of his own eyes, not unwilling ordinary stubborn growth looks moved!"

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Rensuxi's performance was praised as one of the most popular films of the year

& have spent Every "unordinary" little figure in the film has left a deep impression on the audience, and the actor's performance conveys the pain and precision of each character to the audience. In particular, Ren Suxi's ma jia-qi is so brave and fearless that she is not afraid of death. She never says a word of complaint and tragedy to the camera, but she cries out desperately in the face of the embarrassment and discomfort of incontinence. And yesterday "Ren Suxi acting" the word rushed to the hot search first time, many netizens can not help but praise: "some people can be seated acting level of performance."

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Binlong PanLee Jang woo -heart gap. JPG

After watching the film, many viewers said that "Nobody" did not indulge in the depiction of tragic emotions, but focused on the story of the little people who are ordinary but unwilling to be ordinary, which has a sad process, but also a hope and a light. Each character in the film is extremely distinctive, resulting in the wrong heart to do the assistant police ma xianyong, the whole body paralysis only the head can move ma jia-banner, two want to "do big and strong" "the" silly gangster ", massage women really true, the traditional sense of being spurned by the small three Liu Wen Rainbow and so on, each of them has their own reasons, but there is a light in the haze, they have completed their own and the redemption to others in their extremely complex relations, so that finally each key has opened its own lock. Some viewers commented: "each character puts his or her best foot forward at the end of the story. They are no longer 'Nobody'." Another said, "the movie really hit the softest place in your heart with a story like Nobody."

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