Kara hui was once again included in the golden horse for her' gold report card '.

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Linkeddb News October 8 Recently, the 55th golden horse awards announced the shortlist. Slam winner Kara Hui With" Jessie "Was shortlisted for the golden horse award again. Kara Hui in the last year The Bold "Was crowned best actress at the 55th golden horse awards for her textbook performance. The next year's successful entry not only reflects the fate of Kara Hui and the golden horse awards, but also proves once again that Kara Hui is a legendary actor in the film industry.

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It is reported that Kara Hui has successfully won multiple best actress and best supporting actress awards including the golden horse awards, achieving a career grand slam! Won the first "best actress" award at the Hong Kong film awards for "the elder". In 2009, she won the best supporting actress at the 46th golden horse awards for the movie "the demon". Best actress at The 54th golden horse awards for "The Bold" in 2017; 2014 movie Zombie Best supporting actress at the 33rd Hong Kong film awards; 2017 with" Happiness "Won best actress at the 36th Hong Kong film awards.

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