Suspense film' the paradox of xu mansion of dongling treasure thief

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Linkeddb News December 3& have spent The crime mystery movie "the paradox of xu mansion of dongling treasure thief" was produced by wuhan bo entertainment film and television media co., LTD., which was exclusively publicized and released. Marlon Brando served as the chief producer, supervised and produced by Yang Yang, and directed by Marlon Brando. Gu Feng Starring: MAO anying, Babylov bart (Russia), model Kristina klena (Russia), hu tanxin, tian xin, little Fei Xiang, etc.

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The film has gone through a number of screenplays and shooting materials for the creation and modification, excellence. In order to meet the requirements of the state administration of radio, film and television on film quality, to create high-quality works, all use high requirements, high standards of production. About the archaeological graduates snow jade-like stone with expert professor Andrew cuomo et into xu mansion archaeology, archaeologists found in that old house underground secret passage for a treasure, treasure in escorted by bandits robbed on the way, after the professor and others with male and female thief, speculation of cultural relics abroad especially big and others contested, after the lost treasure, robbers roost in succession, and a series of mysterious deaths, a struggle between good and evil began.

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In July 1928, sun dianying, leader of the 12th army of the kuomintang, secretly excavated cixi tomb and qianlong tomb of the eastern mausoleum of the qing dynasty in the name of military exercises. According to folklore, sun dianying bribed part of the treasure to his boss Lucy spring, and Lucy spring buried the treasure in the underground secret room of her mansion. During the cultural revolution, some people dug up a lot of guns and armaments near xu mansion in xinzhou, wuhan. The film is based on the ancient house and secret road of general Lucy spring, the ancient town of cangbu, xinzhou city, wuhan. It is the first time that this historical and cultural monument is disclosed to the world through the film.

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