Annie Yi yells straight cancer: Woman is not a fertility tool User: Nothing's wrong.

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Earlier this morning, Annie Yi shared the news of a four-year-old child being beaten by a divorced mother on Weibo. They also expressed their views on this news, but they were criticized by netizens as saying, "Don't be alive without propaganda. The fertility rate in China is already very low."



When this statement came out, it was immediately followed by the anger of Annie Yi. She said that it is the responsibility of both men and women to give birth to a child without raising the country’s fertility. It is really good for the country to take care of the child. The future masters of the country really want to raise fertility. When a good man has a good woman, he will give you a baby without hesitation. You can love her loving children in all aspects. She has the courage to continue to grow, to increase her fertility rate, and to increase the quality of her being a man. This time, Annie Yi is angry at male cancer and has received support from the majority of netizens. Said: There is nothing wrong with it.



Looking at Annie Yi's Weibo, the majority of netizens found that this is not the first time that Annie Yi was a woman. In previous Weibo posts, Annie Yi said: “I was once brainwashed and I am convinced that my sex is lower than that of men. My lack of boys is my biggest mistake, but now I’m not living in discrimination anymore. Ashamed of their age, it is a woman who has given birth to life. Without a woman's birth canal, you will not have..."


Moreover, many of Annie Yi's tweets are about children and pregnant women. And Annie Yi is also committed to public welfare and charitable activities and has helped many children with difficulties.




When Harlem Yu 's "Spring Mud" fired across the river, it was also witnessed by Annie Yi and his love. The two had a son, but the two eventually ended in divorce.


In 2014, Annie Yi and Qin Hao made their debut at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. The two fell in love. In 2015, the two held a wedding in Phuket. In 2016, Annie Yi gave birth to her daughter and made up a good character. Now Annie Yi is happy.


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