Movies of Siam: Ninja Battles' Critics

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The movie " Siam: The Battle of Nine Gods "

On June 26th, Star Alliance United Oscar Cinemas organized a group of friends to the Oscar Cineplex to watch the film "Siam Must: A Battle of Nine Gods" on how Muay Thai juvenile Otter transformed from a ignorant teenager to step by step to save the country's passion for water and fire story. The film was directed by Pensa Consiri and Gan Sussavan, Kanocha Mandaidean, Saveti Sutjannon, Sirichai Charo enkijtanakul, Lazib Yamsen, Volary. Van Gaalroma and other voices, and the Chinese version is re-assembled " OPERATION RED SEA " Xiaolong team members Jiang Du , Luxia Jiang , Wang Yutian , Jiahao Guo dedication . The movie was released at the box office in Thailand for the first time after the release of the film, which amounted to THB 50 million in the first week of the movie. It broke the record of 30 million baht in the first week of Bad Genius and defeated Hollywood blockbusters in the same category.


Everyone has a different definition of hero. And heroes have one thing in common, always saving lives in distress. The hero of the "Siam Robbery: Nine Gods Armor" was consigned to the hope of saving the country from an early age and was given a sacred mission. Learn Muay Thai to prepare for mastering the artifacts of the Nine Gods armor after growing up. Young Ott did not understand and even complained, but when the closest person fell to his face and was powerless, the potential in his heart was stimulated. He resolutely set foot on a bloody and adventurous journey in the most critical moment. Come forward and challenge yourself while challenging the evil forces. This is a story full of Thai style, grassroots can also be a hero.


In the movie, the Nine-God Armor is the key to defeating the Yaksha King. Really mastering it is not just a matter of practicing superb martial arts. The Nine Gods Armor represents nine virtues such as love and justice. It gave him strength when fighting with the first Yaksha warrior, but it also prevented Ott from killing. Just as violence can withstand strong enemies, but grievances and hatred, only with these nine virtues can drive the Nine Gods armor.


On the way, Ott met a group of friends who fought side by side with him. Ming Lan Xiaolan, Yasha Malada, and Monkey King Vada. The three men each had their own stunts. Many fighting scenes in the movie brought the audience a great deal. Shocking, the unique beauty of violence of Muay Thai was presented perfectly by the movie. Every character in the movie is very full-bodied, flesh and blood, and they cry because they laugh. They will also be scared. They have retired but still stand bravely. This is a hero.

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