The stars who spontaneously An OPERATIONAL RED SEA Chun Li Raquel Xu Zheng (actor) Han Han

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The main theme film " OPERATION RED SEA " constantly counterattack, box office and word of mouth fly together, until now, the total box office movie has exceeded 2.5 billion, as the Chinese film history box office ranking 7th and the rankings are still rising, this exploded, Sincere films have not only won the national audience's praise, even the entertainment stars have also spontaneously Amway the film, published in their own microblogging comments, for the film "OPERATION RED SEA" recommended praise.

明星为电影《 OPERATION RED SEA 》推荐点赞

Chun Li "OPERATION RED SEA" Lunar New Year stalls the most burning most exciting no problem!


February 19, the strength of the actress Chun Li microblogging published in the post Comment: the most fuel-efficient Spring Festival stalls the most exciting no problems! Rhythm tight to several times can not breathe, flesh and blood flying after climax, domestic war films finally catch up Super Hollywood trend it! Several young actors inside the performance commendable, read a bit eager. Although straight male sense burst table, but still the biggest surprise Spring Festival file, recommended!

Raquel "OPERATION RED SEA" See details of humanity height


February 20, after 90 small Tsing Yi Raquel published in the micro-Bo after the observation: "OPERATION RED SEA" very burning, very burning! In addition to the dizzying battle scenes, we will see the human height of the film, a Small detail: After the explosion a broken finger wearing a ring, even in dangerous gunfire, the soldier still carefully picked it up, received with the hand of the deceased, and then gently buried with soil ... At that moment, My tears were hit, you can feel the director's respect for life and awe. Good movie should be so, even if the scene is large to be full of passionate, it will not ignore a gentle detail, this is the moving film war.

Xu Zheng (actor) "OPERATION RED SEA" has raised the standard of Chinese movie industry

 Xu Zheng (actor) 《 OPERATION RED SEA 》微博

In addition, the director Xu Zheng (actor) also praised "OPERATION RED SEA" hi to burst: "can not believe I was watching a purely national theme film. The overall feeling is absolutely world class. Action war scene, more rare is to see the performers training results and restrained performances really want to pay tribute to all colleagues, including all photography, art, filmmaking, etc., you have greatly raised the standard of Chinese film industry, Also greatly enhance the threshold of the industry. "

Han Han "OPERATION RED SEA" is a milestone in Chinese movies


On February 18, director Han Han published a long article shocking after watching the movie: "OPERATION RED SEA" is a shock. Because it was Bona produced, the whole process I know one or two, for Dante Lam director and his team can only admire. "OPERATION RED SEA" directly to the Chinese film production standard to a higher level, in the type of war action, this film is entirely the world standard, do not even lose "Black Hawk crashed." Someone else's movie has no urine point. The movie is almost gone, and you do not even know where to breathe. I usually like to read military themes, and I like to play shooting games. I think it is half a gun weapon fan. In my opinion, "OPERATION RED SEA" is almost impeccable in professionalism and battle scenes. It's like a Stinger missile, no matter how you dodge, it always hits you. I think it is a milestone in Chinese movies, and this milestone is actually a theme film I usually do not really interested in, and I am also very surprised. What 2018 film can miss, but "OPERATION RED SEA" you must not miss. Creators and actors, please accept my respect.

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