Bingbing fan coulee nazha summer sun expert!

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From time to time, the climate is much worse now than it was years ago. It is cold when it is cold and hot when it is hot. The summer this year is very hot, it seems to be hotter than the summer of previous years a lot of times, a lot of stars go out to protect the skin to prevent bask in, be like eight immortals cross the sea each show one's ability.

Big S, the beauty king in the recent hit trio of happiness. The show was recorded in April and may. Big S figured out how to protect himself from the sun. He put on his fisherman's hat and sunglasses and wore long sleeves that covered his arms. Big S and big S in the photo Xiaofei Wang In the same frame, are they dressed in the opposite way? As if one lives in summer, one lives in autumn.


In mid-may, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation began to increase significantly, reaching its peak from late June to August, and gradually weakened after October. Sunblock da people's choice from the spring sun, is very correct.


There are many sun-shy female stars in the entertainment industry, for example Bingbing Fan ", she has developed a set of sunscreen experience over the years. Every summer, she posts the sun protection equipment on her weibo account: sun helmet and face mask.


Bingbing Fan wrapped herself from head to toe when she appeared on fast forward.

In fact, there's no need to use the large umbrellaBingbing FanUSES. It's just as convenient for daily trips as an umbrella of ordinary size. It's too much trouble to take a big umbrella like Bingbing Fan. After all, people have assistants to take an umbrella for them.


Bingbing Fan shares her tips online. "I think physical protection is more important than wearing sunscreen.


When it comes to chemical sunscreen,Bingbing Fanis crazy, and SPF50 is 10 layers thick.


Big S also revealed on her microblog that she used up 4 cans of sunscreen and 1 box of sun-cream and 1 box of sun-cream in 10 days. It seems that she, like Bingbing Fan, is a sunscreen maniac.


ExceptBingbing Fanand big S, Coulee Nazha To participate in the DIVASHitTheRoad Spray sunscreen on your body from time to time during the show.


Miss sisters in the summer for the beautiful modeling, do not want to wrap themselves into large dumplings, therefore, sunscreen spray is a very good way to prevent the sun. So, exactly what kind of sun-protection measures suit ordinary people?

If it's a student party or an office worker, it's enough to bring an umbrella. If it's too much trouble and too much work to lift an umbrella, use a sunscreen spray.



If you decide to use sunscreen, be sure to apply it 30 minutes before you go out. Apply it early or late.


Don't underestimate the importance of sun protection.Bingbing Fanand Coulee Nazha, unlike walking light bulbs, have their own filters in the crowd. Their skin is so white and beautiful that they attach great importance to sun protection.



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