The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love' sweetie tonight hits Victoria Song Huang Jingyu

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" The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love " tonight sweet kiss Victoria Song Huang Jingyu kiss a thousand years

This Wednesday and Thursday, jointly produced by penguin film, mango film, Beijing Dream Machine Media Co., Ltd., jointly directed by Leste Chen , Zhao Ren Xu , Chief Producer Fang Fang, producer Chu Fei, Victoria Song , Huang Jingyu's fantasy romantic drama "The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love" will be broadcast Episode 9-12. After resigning, he decided to follow his boyfriend to Pippi in the United States. However, after an occasional encounter with his girlfriend and his boyfriend, he found that the relationship between Pippi and Willa Holland had made unexpected progress. After the first eight episodes of the first eight episodes of the previous week, Pippi and Willa Holland's tortuous sentiment process has always affected the hearts of the audience. Whether or not the two men could break the gap this week will usher in some new progress and everyone will look forward to it.

"The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love" is broadcast exclusively by Tencent's video network. It is updated twice a week at 3:00 am and 4:00 pm. Members will be watching next week.

Sweet first kiss strikes Victoria Song Huang Jingyu confirm each other's mind

In the first eight episodes broadcast last week, Kippipi faced Willa Holland, who suddenly broke into her world, quietly, from curiosity, resistance, and disobedience, because the solution could not be separated from the unclear contradictions and misunderstandings. Far away. This week, after discovering the betrayal of her boyfriend and her girlfriend, Pippy, who had been disheartened, once closed himself up. But who once thought, this has become an opportunity for her to usher in a new development in the relationship with Huang Jingyu.

In the upcoming episode, Pippi, who had been kept in the dark by his boyfriend and girlfriend, had finally discovered the betrayal of the two because of an accidental chance, and faced the facts that he saw with his own eyes. Pippi was unacceptable for a moment and even began to paralyze himself by drunkenness. Willa Holland, who learned of the incident, was distressed. Fortunately, under the guidance of “Military Division” Xiao Ju, he successfully opened Pippi’s heart through the “Healing 4s” rule. After spending a thousand sails, Willa Holland, who has given his true love, finally unloaded Pippi, and decided to take the first step in the relationship with Willa Holland. Pippi and Willa Holland, who were accidentally locked in a room, ushered in a heart-beat first kiss in a romantic atmosphere. . .

Leste Chen Zhao Ren Xu Talk about "Knot Love" Victoria Song Huang Jingyu Acclaimed for acting

After the series premiered, directors Leste Chen and Zhao Ren Xu also accepted media interviews to answer questions that were of interest to the audience. In the interview, for the performance of Victoria Song Huang Jingyu in the play, the two directors also expressed their appreciation. “I'm very satisfied with their performance.”

Speaking of the similarities between Victoria Song and Pippipi, director Leste Chen stated that "Victoria Song and Pippi are all people who are as good as possible, but they are actually very stubborn and courageous. On the other side, Victoria Song's perfect digestion of the characters also made the director extremely satisfied. "Because I don't think I'm very dull. Just like I don't think all the performances are going to be full-blown and tears, Victoria Song digests." From a silly white sweet to a woman who has the courage to fight for love.” In addition to Victoria Song, Huang Jingyu also surprised the director with his character's exploration. “In my personal work, I never wrote the role of an overbearing president, but performed by Huang Jingyu. Including his tone, I feel very cute. I think Jing Yu is very comfortable in this cooperation.” And for the future of the male and female owners have some of the anticipated story, the director also “sell off” means “willa Holland quiet It was very satisfying to follow Pippi's post-partnership emotional drama and intimacy.

Behind the sweetness is the hard-to-guess people, and the journey of love requires a hundred times more courage and patience. Every Saturday and Thursday nights at 20:00, Tencent videos of "The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love" will be broadcast. It is worth watching.

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