Zhang yuqi new age women set collapse? zhang yuqi yuan ba yuan suspected compound

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Zhang Yuqi new age women set collapse? Zhang Yuqi yuan ba yuan suspected compound & NBSP;

As we all know, Zhang Yuqi has had a rough road in her love life. She with directorWang Quan, 'anAfter a failed marriage, I met yuan bayuan. The two fell in love for ten days and got married after knowing each other for seventy days. According to Zhang Yuqi, this was a proper meeting and I believe that the person I love will always be favored by fate.

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Although Zhang Yuqi has not been favored by the outside world, he can still see the sweet and romantic life after marriage in Zhang Yuqi's words of publicly showing his love. Last year, Zhang Yuqi's agent posted a positive photo of the couple's dragon-phoenix baby. "Zhang Yuqi's life is open! With a happy family and hot mom promotion, it can be said that Zhang Yuqi is a big winner in life.

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It was not until September 26 this year that Zhang Yuqi was reported to have hacked yuan with a domestic violence knife and sent to the public security bureau for adjustment. The exact reason was unknown, and netizens expressed disbelief. As a matter of fact, I have heard that Zhang Yuqi is a hot-tempered woman who cannot tolerate a grain of sand in her eyes. Curious netizens also picked up Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Yuqi Xiaofei Wang Fan each other, kick Wang Quan's, etc., which is not surprising.

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Then, Zhang Yuqi and yuan bayuan broke the news that they had agreed to divorce although they had dragon and phoenix twins, but they were not bound by the family concept. Net friend also is a piece of applause, a lot of net friend simply is "black turn pink", "road turn pink", call "society my elder sister zhang" directly. Zhang Yuqi immediately became the topic of conversation after dinner and tea, and became the queen of hot searches one after another, attracting numerous fans. For example, Zhang Yuqi abused yuan bayuan, Zhang Yuqi divorced, and Zhang Yuqi diss Yu Minhong "And other hot topics. Perhaps many people admire Zhang Yuqi's domicility and outspoken character in divorce, and he has been praised as a "new era woman" by netizens.

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A media source said: "on the 26th, the two men were photographed clinging to the elevator before and after attending the reception. After the reception, the two got into Zhang Yuqi's car one by one and returned to no.83 sinan mansion. Zhang Yuqi yuan ba yuan suspected compound, the new era of women set collapse?

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This news, the netizens once again exploded the pot, opinions vary. Some netizens said: "someone set a face hit", "life is like a play, all by acting", "the new era of women is not so"

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At the same time, there are also net friends said: "the head of a bed hit the end of the bed and eat melon masses look at it, don't really", "have children is not to say away from" and so on...

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Zhang Yuqi and yuan bayuan have attracted much attention online, from domestic violence and divorce to their suspected reunion. Sina media also sought confirmation from the woman's staff, who did not respond. What's the truth? Wait for the result together with xiaobian!

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