Then wowk was invited to pereya's fifteenth anniversary extravaganza singing “son baby”

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Linkeddb News November 21& have spent & have spent Pereya 15 th anniversary super ceremony in hangzhou Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area The stadium was grandly held,Then we g hotI was invited to sing "son's baby", which was broadcast live on shenzhen satellite TV. Li Yifeng , Tiffany Tang , Harlem Yu , Jane Zhang , Yu Quan , Hu Qiaohua , Wu Mochou , fu fei,Week of deepMany celebrities gathered at the scene, with the audience over 10,000 people to enjoy the birthday party!

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& have spent Unbridled out of fan, define the United States heroism! As power "guide" of the super grand ceremony, that my grams of tropical to quite rocks a baby son, stage scene is combined with the creative fashion runway shows, type is one of the model on the rhythm, that my g hot also enjoy singing, the whole atmosphere of the lift to the top with rap, let a person have a boiling passion, is a combination of strength and beauty, screaming broke through the night in hangzhou!

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So we have a wonderful relationship with pereya, and both of them have developed very well in the past year. Hot blood never dies. Next time, what kind of exciting scene will wuke bring to us? See you next time.

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