Tiffany tang luo jin is reportedly planning a wedding? netizen's joke: the rhythm that hugo weibo should fall into."

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Tiffany Tang Luo Jin is reportedly planning a wedding? Netizen teases: the rhythm that Hugo weibo wants to fall again

Recently, it was revealed that Tiffany Tang Luo Jin is planning to hold a wedding in a foreign country, and only some family members and close friends are invited. The source added that Tiffany Tang has already chosen the wedding dress, coincidentally the same designer Hannah Quinlivan wore when she married Jay Chou.

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Qi bless: "beautiful heart good entertainment industry a clean flow of Tiffany Tang, I hope you happy, never be let down!" ", "blessed goddess happy, long long, early birth of a son" and so on. Tiffany Tang Luo Jin not only broke the August curse, but also drew a perfect full stop.

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Some netizens also joked: "it seems to me that Hugo will fall into the rhythm of weibo "

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Tiffany Tang, a graduate of the central academy of drama. In 2004, Zhang Yimou was selected as one of the "Olympic treasures", and was well known to the audience. She later became famous with Hugo starring in the third fairy sword. Back in 2012, I started Tiffany Tang studio and became a big boss like Mini Yang.

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Tiffany Tang is thriving in business, but not emotionally. Since her debut, Tiffany Tang's boyfriend has been Roy Chiu, and the man who hurt her most. When the two worked together on Summer home three thousand gold, the beauty and the talent were quite right because of the drama. However, at the beginning, Roy Chiu could not resist the wave of flowery heart. He cheated on Taiwan young model and abandoned Tiffany Tang. Tiffany Tang was injured and could barely walk out of the shadows. Lovelorn this time, Hugo silent guard, typical "bromeo". However, the fate is sometimes very wonderful, Yin jiyang wrong, not in the right time to meet the right people. Despite his excellence, Hugo became a victim of the relationship.

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It is reported that at the launch of Xuanyuanjian, Liu Shishi once revealed that Hugo had a secret love affair with Tiffany Tang. In fact, it's not just once or twice that Hugo expresses Tiffany Tang. When they were on the last program, the host asked Hugo Tiffany Tang what kind of girl he was. The audience was in awe, the host continued to ask Hugo, what is the ideal girl in your heart? And Hugo said: she's sitting there! Tiffany Tang. Netizens are also looking forward to the cp pair coming together, but Tiffany Tang did not respond to Hugo's request, and the pair fell apart.

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Until 2016, when Tiffany Tang Luo Jin announced her love affair, netizens also expressed their blessings and were also heartbroken by Hugo. After the two announced their relationship, they were inseparable, always with 10 rings, wave after wave of dog food spread on the Internet. Tiffany Tang is young and beautiful and dignified. Luo Jin is talented, tall and handsome. They are the Golden Boy girls in the entertainment industry. From the announcement of their relationship to so far so sweet to so much so far, netizens have been saying: we are beginning to believe in love. In fact, the two have worked together four times before, and each time has brought them closer.

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After months of less interaction on weibo, the pair were reportedly split. However, the move also broke the rumor. Anyway, we think that "bromeo" Hugo, hearing this news, should also bless them! Now, it is suspected that Tiffany Tang Luo Jin is preparing for the wedding. Neither of the two parties has responded, is it true?

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