JJ Lin pursues Hebe Tien's musical talents to find ways to please the goddess

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In recent years, singing variety shows have blossomed all over the world, presenting blowout trends. Among the many singing variety shows, the number of "Dream of Dreams" is booming.

The reason was that thanks to the program group, JJ Lin and Hebe Tien were invited. Over the years, there have been media reports that JJ Lin had a crush on Hebe Tien and repeatedly showed Hebe Tien in front of the media or at a live performance. It is said that JJ Lin participated in the Voice of Dreams because Hebe Tien also participated. However, Hebe did not seem to be interested in JJ Lin. The two were far away in the program and rarely communicated.


JJ Lin is a talented music talent. He was very popular and once occupied the top of the major music charts. Not only that, his on-the-spot ability is outstanding, and he ranks in the top three among Chinese new generation musicians.

Hebe Tien achievements in Chinese music better than JJ Lin made low, since she SHE solo career red Fire Lee smooth, shortly before the concert "little lucky" but swept the major music list, showing a strong musical talent . In "Dream of Dreams", the two Zhan Shi talents adapted the two classic songs "I Miss" and "Black Ding" and interpreted the songs of others into their own style. Hug hooked.


JJ Lin tried to find the goddess on the show, but she was deliberately falling and ruthless. No matter what tricks he used to express himself, Gao He’s Hebe didn’t seem to have much enthusiasm for him. The more so, the more JJ thought about it. Expressing himself, it seems to outsiders that JJ Lin is like a reeling thread. He is pursuing the goddess Hebe who is above and beyond. However, JJ Lin is obviously a local tyrant. The name of any car is worth 5 million.


JJ Lin once took over the key of the “personalized version” of the Ferrari 458 Speciale A in the Ferrari showroom in Taipei after Christmas last year and became a member of the global Ferrari family. Aperta's innovative and unique body solutions make the 458 Speciale A an aerodynamically efficient Ferrari roadster. The Felix Silla hardtop is extremely innovative. The powertrain has been specially tuned to carry a powerful 4.5 litre of natural Suction V8 engine, 0-100 km acceleration time is 3 seconds, the global limit is limited, only 499 units. Such a small amount of limited-sale cars, as long as you buy a car, you can become a beautiful girl artifact.


Even more surprising is that this car's engine hood and Ferrari F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen and Vettel's autograph. The words "Still Moving Under Gunfire" printed on the inner doorway, which stem from the spirit expressed by the street fashion brand created by JJ Lin, are constantly reminding people to insist on fighting in times of adversity. As the crowning touch of the exclusive car, the customized nameplate also has the “Tailor-made specially made for JJ Lin ” (JJ Lin exclusive customization). The car owner, he personally marked his own Ferrari 458 Speciale A. From this perspective, JJ Lin is a winner in life.


In fact, JJ Lin has been debuting for more than ten years. He is a singer with great value and strength. Since his debut, he has received countless flowers and applause. With the support of fans, JJ Lin has created numerous talents through his musical talent. The song has brought joy to fans. To the fans, JJ Lin is not only an idol but also an example. Such a talented musical talent, there is no reason to be cold cold Hebe ah, I wish JJ Lin catch Hebe as soon as possible.

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