Zitong wang' “qiao an ni” hot shot zitong wang and ying er in the “fight for love”

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Linkeddb News October 30& have spent Recently, by the Bo Yang Directed, Joe Zheng , Ying Er , Zitong Wang The young and inspiring urban workplace drama "qiao an hello" is currently being filmed in Shanghai. Actor Zitong Wang plays jiang yuxin, the number one romantic rival of qiao 'an (Ying Er), in a spectacular fight to win love with Ying Er by the side of lu yuanyang (Joe Zheng).

& have spent & have spent & have spent Hello Joanne is a writer Zhang Xiaohan After theHello, Qiao the An"Hello, Qiao An" follows Qiao An, a story about her frustrated transition as a producer, her reverse life friend ni haohao's public account suddenly became popular, and the two worked together and struggled to start a business under pressure from rivals. Zitong Wang plays jiang yuxin, Joanne's arch-rival. Pure in heart, she is eager for a share Donnie Yen Feelings, and a perfect lover, in be Liu Yuanyang (Joe Zheng) girlfriend, obedient to his love to, but with the advent of Joan, she thinks she is in Liu Yuanyang heart position threatened, so she began to want to stay with their loved one, the final result how, is looking forward to.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Zitong Wang has been active in the public eye for seven years since his first film in 2011. Zhao Song of the Great Song KuangYin Song huayang, or Son of night Zitong Wang gives these characters their distinct characters. It is reported that the filming of "hello Joanne" by Zitong Wang is coming to an end.

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