Dilraba dilmurat vengo gao is a sweet look for the first' three-year-old pillow

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Linkeddb News November 20 Jointly produced by penguin film and television, jiashang media, hua zexin xi, golden pond and banner media, jiashang media has produced a TV series calledThree - year - old pillow"Has been officially killed yesterday, and today officially released" Penelope "version of the series of video and a series of behind-the-scenes highlights. The play by Chen Gao , People also ask Chief producer, Zhenhua Liang Chief screenwriter, Yang Xuan Directed, Dilraba Dilmurat , Vengo Gao Starring, Baron Chen , Dylan Kuo Starring, Liu Yuxin , Ruilin Liu , Lawrence Wong , Elis James , yuan yuxuan, Huang Junjie Starring, etc. With the exposure of the documentary, this scene takes place between the empress bai fengjiu of qingqiu and the emperor donghua of taichen palace, the love and hate entanglements that have spanned over two thousand years. Thousands of performers have been harboring their hearts day and night just to live up to expectations.

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Dilraba Dilmurat Vengo Gao has made a sweet cameo

For the first time, the official release of the "Three year-old pillow" has revealed the process of preparation, filming and then killing. The special series begins with the magnificent, magnificent and beautiful human landscape of puzhuo black scenic spot in yunnan, and the two great emperors, Dilraba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao, appear under the falling petals of Buddha bells. In addition, the cast in the clothing, fine arts, props and photography, and other aspects of the preparation and shooting details one by one are: with the characteristics of the role of clothing glimmer of sewing, time-lapse photography dynamic reduction, including too early palace, multiple main scene from scratch to build process, producers and directors on-the-spot investigation to the scene, discussed repeatedly communication, action group for best visual effects for the present training ahead of time. At the same time, nearly a thousand cast members have overcome various problems and emergencies, such as flooded caves in the rainy season, high temperature in summer shelters and a large number of difficult weah action plays, to ensure the smooth operation and smooth shooting of the crew.

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It is worth mentioning that in order to best eight waste reduction in liuhe diverse landscape, art team took nearly eight months in 12 studio scene, the total area of nearly 40000 square meters, building scene nearly 100 sites, one of the biggest area of the main scene too early palace and the temple garden covers an area of about 5000 square meters, respectively, at the same time, more construction of vast types of property accumulation around 5000 pieces, making weapons around 3000 pieces. In addition, the modelling team took nearly five months time, to design and manufacture clothing for all the major actors in the play a total of nearly 2000, 117 for men and women protagonist design modelling with a total of 283 sets, the abundant of its category, the number of impressive, the final rendering of the visual effect of the overall characteristics of the style is unified but not expected.

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In addition, including nine baifeng, donghua ", yan (Baron Chen), Sue devoted to leaf (Dylan Kuo), JiHeng (Liu Yuxin), YanChi enlightenment (Ruilin Liu), department of life (Lawrence Wong), even the song (-were James), ChengYu (Yuan Yuxuan), white really (Huang Junjie), the ten main characters are also the first time through the video form, Every twinkle, every smile, every move, every move, every move, every move, every move, every move.

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Also exposed with the documentary is a series of behind-the-scenes vignettes of a single theme, which reveal in a figurative form the meticulous grasp and devotion of the cast's creators to the characters in the shooting, as well as the sincerity and determination of the audience that the creators hope to impress with a solid and detailed performance. Dilraba Dilmurat was repeatedly sketched with reference to the design draft before shooting the show of designing the sword box, while Vengo Gao carefully examined the girl's festival's sugar painting props between the big night play lights. Baron Chen, who had to sit in a tree for several consecutive scenes, even took a short break between shooting breaks, while Dylan Kuo made his debut Alan Dawa Dolma If the drama of the dream, a person alone by the door brewing emotions. In order to create the fairy-looking scene, Liu Yuxin finished the shooting in the environment where the staff smoked for several hours, while Ruilin Liu kept her makeup applied during the intermission in order to maintain the best condition in the high-temperature studio with over 50 degrees. Just shoot bamboo slips close-up, Lawrence Wong also kiss "hand out" meticulous, -were James when filming yingqin contingent staid image lets a person shine at the moment, Yuan Yuxuan play for chicken nine resisted ChengYuYuan jun, striding towards donghua sovereigns, aura, and to prepare for creating scenes hostaes Huang Junjie also practice technique when hand in silence, elegance is extraordinary.

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Digging deep into the Chinese traditional cultural and cultural value of the gold team escort journey to start again

TV drama "Three - year - old pillow" in aesthetic romantic manner, to the ancient myth in the Chinese traditional literature spirit and full of realistic significance to interpret the depth of the mining, the main character in the face of danger is always the heart's sense of honor, the whole world and informal at moments of crisis in the interests of the individual, undaunted by participating behavior, is to fully realize personal value pursuit of the most vivid interpretation of the life, this story is not only a classic aesthetics and the humanistic value of culture, and to a certain extent, the milk of human kindness and the real temperature, give attention to two or morethings More with the modern society under the relentless pursuit of the truth, kindness and beauty of human reality.

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Aesthetic vitality fairy love drama "Three - year - old pillow" by good at digging deep role exquisite and relationship Yang Xuan directors, known as the concept of "details will be" producer Chen Gao and has some of the producers of quality of hot work People also ask a total producers of the play, has repeatedly won the golden rooster and Shanghai magnolia award show master of fine arts design caffey, served as director of fine arts, play but it is the known as the director of modelling "drama aesthetics practitioners," said the Chen Leqin. The team of experienced gold medalists have joined hands to protect the strength of this work, which is full of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

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It is reported that the TV series "three-year-old pillow" has formally entered the tense post-production stage. Tencent video will be broadcast exclusively on the Internet.

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