Director Ning Hao: I'm in Virgo and I'm willing to do 'peer training

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When we were still accustomed to calling Ning Hao as a young director, he had been supervising the young director for several years. Recently, during the chairmanship of the Beijing International Film Festival Venture Capital Unit as the chairman of the jury, Ning Hao spoke frankly in his interview that he regards being a judge, selecting an item, and making a supervisor as a "peer." Ning Hao has had his own experience as a sparring partner: “It is often a friend-like chat. I think it’s a good idea. If he is particularly powerful, you’d better hide away. The youth directors’ aesthetic sense, values, and other directions have been very complete. This time , More will become a slogan for fellow players to shout slogans, refueling! The rest will do a good job outside the service, according to the needs, to solve what kind of actor, how much money Ha Jung-woo and other issues."

Reluctant to think sweet, when they look for investment called tie money

Ning Hao After completing the “Xinhua Road” release with over 1.1 billion yuan at the box office, many new film directors asked him for help. He thought he was also helping other directors before, and he personally benefited from Andy Lau. The launch of the "Asian Star Guide" has led to the idea that it is time to do something to support the new director and give back to the industry. He likes movies and is willing to communicate with young filmmakers. This is the basic starting point for Ning Hao to supervise new movie directors. “When you are doing a movie, you will be exposed to a lot of talented people. When you are with talented people, you have a good appetite for eating. You are particularly Shu Chang (actress) , and it’s even more intense. With them, "For the moment, the Beijing International Film Festival venture capital platform, Ning Hao said he was jealous. “If you have a project, you can get this special and convenient platform for promotion and communication. You can directly connect with investors.” Ning Hao recalls that when they first started making films, it was difficult to find investors. "Some well-known large companies, he can not match with you, simply simply not docking. Finally closed the door himself at home, then looking for investment partners, not looking for investment, called money. Everyone seems to be It's the way it speaks. There is a kind of inexplicable secretive stimulus that feels like doing a particularly stimulating business activity."

At the venture capital, the director of the roadshow was like an orator, and Ning Hao said that he might act on his own. “In fact, speaking this matter is a kind of ability. I am not good at giving a speech to a group of people. We look for investment in the past and it seems that they are all on one-on-one basis. They are usually about. You send out information, and then the people who are interested in these companies One-on-one you talked to him, now the venture capital platform can be clearly explained to everyone, and also established an award that can better externalize and promote good works, I think these are effective Way, but also trained the ability of the director's speech."

I'm willing to practice sparring, I hope the new director is a little more timid

Ning Hao believes that when creating communication and helping others to clear their thinking, their own thinking is also gradually clear. Everyone is maintaining a training state, there is a warm-up and activity state, and it is very great for your own creation. The positive effect. There are a lot of people looking for Ning Hao as a producer now, but because of energy, he also controls the quantity. In the process of contacting and collaborating with young directors, Ning Hao feels most deeply about the diversity of the new director. “Everyone has a personality, you like the part of criminal psychology, I like the part of growth, and it also shows a different direction in aesthetics. Some are quite small, some are pretty black, some are action movies. It's still not quite the same, very rich.” While praising the merits, Ning Hao also proposed that the new director can brave a bit more. "Because now the new director has a large number of film viewers, he will sometimes be affected by this and be affected by it. He will be more easily framed in a type, and I am such an upward trend, but sometimes I dare not try it. I think young directors can also bravely try something, because the film itself needs innovation. The film is a product of high creativity, so it must have enough confidence."

Ning Hao recently noted that the young director of "Bad Monkey 72" is a little more. He mentioned Wen Shipei, the director of "The Tropical Past" who won the VFF Venture Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. “I think that director Wen Peipe has a very special aesthetic tone. His own aesthetic aesthetic is very complete and very attractive. He writes well and his comprehensive abilities and qualities are all able to complete an excellent one. movie of."

Fun is not afraid of late, Crazy alien has to wait

Doing sparring, Ning Hao did not delay his job and took "Crazy Alien." We are all concerned that where is the progress? "Now in the first edition of post-production, I am now working on the special effects part, the animation part, and the animation. I have to go back and have to cut it again." Ning Hao said that through the current project, Because it is a heavy-duty movie or special effects movie, he finds himself as a "defective project." "I don't particularly like to engage in engineering, but I've started to work on it. I have to understand it, so I have to specifically ask myself to be a person who works on projects and keeps on doing it." "Alien" may be on the Spring Festival and asked Ning Hao not to worry that the Spring Festival stalls are too crowded. He said: "The big ticket warehouse is in the Spring Festival. At the same time, about 4 or 5 sets of films and 5 or 6 films are not Kuan Chang 's, so I have no problem. The bosses will not be too aggressive."

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