Movie king' jiang wu won three international awards for films

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Linkeddb News November 1 & have spent Recently, after winning the 17th New York Asian film festival "Asian star award", "best actor" Jiang Wu Again the big news is that not only in just two days before the closing of the 6th Asia Pacific film festival in New Zealand won the best actor award, also on the 14th film festival awards of China and the United States, with the new film the way meet won the best supporting actor award, all in one big hot films, the propaganda few new "spiderman meet road" has become a compelling to movie. Jiang Wu, who won three film awards this year, has a similar strength and international reputation.

In the first half of the year Breaking silence In the film, Jiang Wu, by virtue of his acting skills, will be based on the "upper class" at the top of the social class pyramid. Compared with the movie "fierce silence", the movie "xia lu meets" has been shown in the exhibition unit of this year's Shanghai international film festival. The film retains the framework of the gangster film in the plot, which is full of suspense, the battle between good and evil, and the cold and intense gunfight. But its most special place is the combination of martial arts films based on police and gangster films.

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Jiang Wu, who plays qin jin in xia lu, is also a villain, but it is very different from previous roles. It is not a sinister or violent perpetrator, but a mysterious figure with deep heart, positive and negative River Huang With a heavy undertone that is hard to say, 20 years of enmity, half of life, experienced vicissitudes, deep emotions. It is the key role of qin and jin that gives a new color to this story, elevating a typed police and bandit story to a story with a strong tragic color about crime and punishment, fate and reincarnation. The "evil spirit" Jiang Wu exudes in his interpretation of the villain is not inherent, but stems from his repeated reflection on the character. In order to make the best film, he could take the wind and rain to make a play by River Huang, and he could memorize the lines of a play nearly a thousand words by heart. His professionalism made the cooperative young director praise him. Only when you love actors from the bottom of your heart can you shine in this industry. Jiang Wu has a kind of heroes and heroics between his eyes, looking forward to the rendezvous of xia lu and the audience that loves him as soon as possible!


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