Movies of Pluto' Dragon Girl MIYA Finalist Cannes Enters International Film

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The 71st Cannes International Film Festival is about to kick off. “Long Girl” MIYA will not be able to attend the Cannes Film Festival. As a new generation of Kung Fu actress, this time MIYA will participate in the international film festival with film works. Become another new peak in MIYA's Shadow Road!

Jackie Chan collaborates with "Kung Fu Yoga" and is "Best Special Dragon Girl"

When we talk about MIYA, we must remember that in the movie "Kung Fu Yoga" co-wrote by Jackie Chan's elder brother, MIYA became the most special "Dragon Girl" in the minds of netizens, based on the "Weng Neng Han Wu Neng Can". She will seamlessly link yoga and Chinese kung fu, and it will make people even more eye-catching!

Before playing “Kung Fu Yoga”, MIYA was already the first goddess of Asian Yoga session and even received official recognition from India and became an image ambassador for Chinese yoga. After the cross-border movie and television, it was a record of success. Kung Fu Yoga, starring Jackie Chan, became the box office champion of last year's Lunar New Year.

Performing, kung fu, extreme challenges and more role-changing

As a martial arts actress, MIYA is absolutely a movie “Striking San Niang”. According to various media reports, MIYA has a very full schedule every day. Not only that, but also in the extreme sports like deep sea diving, MIYA is also very modest! It is MIYA's attitude of positiveness, self-confidence and optimism that enables her character to walk into the heart of the audience. The new generation of Kung Fu actresses who are recognized by successful audiences!

Bringing Works to the International Film Network Netizen: The Next Michelle Yeoh

At this year's Cannes Film Festival in France, she will enter the Cannes movie with her starring Pluto moments. This internationally-recognized film festival is undoubtedly a paradise for every outstanding actor. And this time MIYA finalist, is her first step to the international film!

Just as the famous director Stanley Tong said earlier, the shadow of Michelle Yeoh was seen in MIYA, causing netizens to argue that MIYA would be the next Michelle Yeoh. When Michelle Yeoh came to international cinema with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and this time MIYA's Cannes line might have unexpected results!

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