Rao Xueman' I'm going to be a woman's end" Jacky Wu Richie Jen Alyssa Chia's 'Small Seconds

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On April 17th, the casting finalist "I Want to be a Woman" was jointly produced by the transmission film industry and jointly with the well-known writer and screenwriter Rao Xueman IP "Singing Love Song". The famous host Jacky Wu , Rao Xueman of the original Singing Love Song, well-known director Lien Yi-chi and veteran producer Saint-Tropez instrument acted as judges. The famous actor Alyssa Chia , national idol and strength singer Richie Jen served as “women’s tutor” respectively. As well as the "male-one mentor", a strong lineup of judges made the finals a lively atmosphere.

26 girls closed training 30 days Succeeded by changing artists

After being officially launched in November last year, the "I Want to be a Girl" reality show selected 26 girls with excellent appearance and potential in the country. In March this year, they officially conducted closed training and recording in Taipei.

After layer-by-layer knockout, 8 players entered the finals for a "second hand" duel. At the recording site, each female student had an exclusive "Shang-Yi" and tacit understanding of sweet performances. Together with the ups and downs of the plot, the group made surprises on the spot. The five judges respectively commented on each group of players in an extremely professional manner. With scoring, each player is also self-recognizing while gaining knowledge and progress.

The second hand will cooperate with the mainland's famous actor Rao Xueman's "high-yield year"

"Singing Love Song" is a classic work of Chinese youth literature leader Rao Xueman. It tells a series of love stories between the female lead Lin Biao's "second hand" and the male actor "Shang Yu". The winners of this competition will continue to receive rigorous performance training, and will enter the “Singing Love Song” crew during the second half of this year. The actor will be a famous male actor on the mainland and will be announced before the official shooting.

For this winner, the original author Rao Xueman expressed that he was very satisfied: “The small seconds hand in my heart is a very Alyssa Chia 's image. Although she is quiet, she keeps moving forward in her own rhythm and is an inner strength. The role of today's champion, temperament and my heart is very consistent with the image, looking forward to her interpretation." It is understood that Rao Xueman in 2018 not only "Singing Love Song" was made into a drama, the new book " About during the winter ", movies "About during the winter" and " Sand's Chronicle " will also be followed by friends.

Big coffee meets the final spot to choose the "second hand" standard harsh

The chief producer, Saint-Tropez, said that for the first time, working with screenwriter Rao Xueman to create a film and television production was her new attempt in the field of production. Therefore, when choosing the female one, there will be very strict standards. The value potential performance must be all online, and I also have to meet the "small seconds" character. The Saint-Tropez instrument was very honored to be able to invite Richie Jen, a powerful singer across the two sides.

Rao Xueman can write a youth love story in the 8090s. Richie Jen can sing 8090 love memories. Many media also stated that the judging team that can assemble directors, screenwriters, actors, singers, and producers is an "I want to be a woman."

It is reported that "I want to be a woman" will be jointly broadcast on Taiwan's TVBS TV station and the mainland's online platform. By then, more exciting content will be met with a large audience of friends.

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