National captain lin min-chen as brand ambassador exudes unique confidence and beauty

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Linkeddb News November 12  Lin Min - ChenShe loves fitness at ordinary times and keeps exercising herself with perseverance and willpower, which makes her have a well-known and strong chuanzi abdominal muscles. The continuous exercise also makes her maintain an optimistic attitude towards life. Lin min-chen's healthy and confident beauty is in line with the spirit of "beauty, ambition and action" that the brand wants to promote vigorously. On November 9, she had to be hypoallergenic brand ambassador's identity, in the new Ballet choreographer, leaves a birch teacher and fitness coach Zhu Yihao, led by their two people common design For a tailor-made UA Training For Women ╳ Ballet Training course, try this into Ballet rhythm, rhythm and the combination of core sports and fitness course, show a dynamic aesthetic feeling, and you can feel the strength of physical Training emerging sports.

& have spent Lin Min - Chen admitted that he would begin to exercise, because before debut in the beauty industry, so must do their own state of the skin, to begin to contact sports, to promote metabolism through sports sweat detoxification and build strong and handsome body, she said: "when I first found themselves with abs, feel the body line is very sexy, beautiful, increase my self-confidence, and become one of my motivation for sport fitness."

& have spent She said: 'working out at least three or four times a week without affecting working hours usually involves going to the gym and doing squats, weightlifting and other weight training. Different parts of the body are trained daily, such as lower body parts (thighs, hips, abs) on day one and arms and back muscles on day two.' Lin min-chen is also generous in sharing her tips for continuous exercise: "after intensive exercise, you need to rest for at least 2 to 3 days. Don't be so anxious to exercise all parts at the same time, or you will give up because of too much soreness. It is suggested to separate exercises. When she was indolent, Lin min-chen said her solution was to "increase her motivation by listening to music while doing exercise, or looking at pictures of some bodybuilding girls online."

She is very happy to be able to become the first brand ambassador of the event, the athletes she generously hypoallergenic to promote the spirit of "beauty, aim at will", she thought everything need to find the fun and targets to for a long time, like show business work, she said: "every day for me in the entertainment industry is a new breakthrough, just like when I started out I met the biggest challenge is dancing. I'm a man of one hand and one footVictor Wong (singer)The concert performer, to show a combination of modern dance, ballet whether the movement of the body, facial expression, posture, I again and again practice, until the moment before the show, I even on the waist pain injection is needed to play, in addition to a thought is presented to you the most perfect performance, also want to prove that I can break your limits."

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Despite the challenges of acting, Lin min-chen holds the belief that life is like a battery: if there is a positive, there will be a negative. She would cry and get angry when faced with setbacks, but cooking a good meal and getting enough sleep would make her forget the next day and share with her family the big and small things in life, which also made her stick to the secret till now. She revealed that she has just finished two New Year's films, which will be released on the lunar New Year holiday in 2019. Now she is preparing a book, hoping to share her fitness experience with everyone.


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Makes hypoallergenic "UA Training For Women ╳ Ballet" systematic progressive Training course, combines elements of Ballet and fitness core architecture, summing up the Training system of a set of rigid-flexible economic, Lin Min - Chen strongly recommend you to try this specially designed For athletes of UA Training Training course, Through the emphasis of the course, the core training of Move Better, Move Faster, Move Stronger and Move Longer can be achieved within one hour, so that I can perfectly stimulate my physical potential in any training environment and physical conditions.


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