Hubei tv's' hunting wolf 'is a hit with a brainstorm of characters' more than one copy

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On November 21, spy thriller Hunting wolf "Will hit hubei TV's Yangtze river theater, two episodes each night. Before dawn, private crisis, "Hunting Wolf" takes the art of spy drama to its full potential, with suspenseful and brain-burning plots, tense and progressive rhythms, and a wealth of character profiles, Internet users are calling it "more than one copy".

The Hunting Wolf "by CCTV, Beijing Yangtze river culture co., LTD., the ili river RongYi and film and television media co., LTD., jebsen century culture industry group co., LTD., ili sharp popular film and TV culture co., LTD., the long dragon film co., LTD., Beijing radio and television, film and television media co., LTD., huarui pictures (tianjin) co., LTD., joint production, famous director Zhou Junlun , Huo ZhiKai Directed, Calvin Li , Dan Dan Hu , Benjamin Zhang Bin , Liu wave , Lan Wang , Xu Peng Kai And so on strength actor costars. On the eve of the founding of the People's Republic of China in pujiang city, the reactionaries plot to start the "jackal action", led by guo jianliang, our party staff went out of their way to meet the enemy special, and finally succeeded in hunting jackal and catching wolves, defending the success of the three campaigns of our people's liberation army, and making contributions to the birth of the People's Republic of China.

The premiere of the three quality of the winning ideas far-reaching

Suspense, brain fever and reversals are the main attractions of spy dramas. Hunting Wolf strives to make the most of its edgy pace and cliffhanger. With solid script writing and meticulous characters, "Hunting Wolf" has been praised to a great extent since it was first released, and its audience rating has been increased. With its highest rating of over three, "Hunting Wolf" has gained a strong boost in the spy drama market.

On May 27, 1949, pujiang city, the charming city of economic prosperity and mixed fish and dragons, was liberated. The kuomintang reactionaries were reluctant to fail and struggle in death. The KMT secrecy bureau launched operation jackal, ordering secret agents code-named jackal and Wolf to infiltrate the river and plot against them. A dark and dangerous war is on the line. Against the background of complex situations, the conflicts between good and evil, the second appearance, and the role setting are also brilliant. Everyone may have multiple identities, presenting complex and mysterious personality characteristics, as well as compelling story plots and details processing, showing a strong sense of visual appreciation and dramatic conflict.

After a series of bloody struggles, Calvin Li The city of pujiang is seen as calm: "the Hunting Wolf campaign is over, and the battle for our people has just begun." The audience was also deep in thought with guo: "at that time, how many people understood the true meaning of the first step of the long march? The jackal, not only conceals the deep secret agent, in the different times, the transformation appearance still exists, is always needs the vigilance.

Calvin Li opens up new ways to play multiple identities

As a former representative of "national small students", Calvin Li dressed in a robe, the suave childe became a screen classic. After years of being away from the screen, the reborn Calvin Li has taken on a new look from the film IAmNotMadameBovary "Qin yu he in" the negative heart han ", to" Love love The veteran of the romantic scene in "touch song", the silent performance of "the ego and the role have always been one", amazing people.

In "Hunting Wolf", Calvin Li plays guo jianliang, chief of the reconnaissance section of the social division of the pujiang public security bureau. In the film, Calvin Li not only digs the jackal, but also plays the part of "mission impossible". He takes the place of the undercover enemy captured by the spy, wrestles with the villain hidden in the dark, and investigates the mastermind and action plan of the jackal project under the traps. "I love tough guy movies, but nobody asked me to do them," says Calvin Li, who likes to challenge the transition. But after the show, when you open a door, people keep coming to me."

Guo jianliang and kunqu empress Li Yu (director) hua (Dan Dan Hu) beyond the high-energy drama of suspense The constant emotional entanglements between the clippings add a touch of tenderness to the exciting drama. Young actor Dan Hu plays Li Yu (director) hua, who is cool and noble and keeps the mud clean. Surrounded by jackals, the network surrounding the two gradually unfolded, and the upright comrade Benjamin Zhang Bin Act the role of) encountered emotional trap, and fell into the dilemma of love and justice; The mystery novelist lurking around Li Yu (director) hua Su Chen ( Cheng Si Ren The real face turns out to be the biggest. Hide the deepest "jackal" "Wolf" to lurk, status unpredictable. Before dawn, the crisis dark battle, from November 21 every night at 19:30, hubei TV Yangtze river theater "Hunting Wolf" a clash of the two!

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