Prince zizhen' 'the pair garden' finale 'lovable bad girl' jiang baihe gratefully meets

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Star relations aug 30 news & NBSP;by Angie Chai As executive producer and chief director, a new generation of actors Shen make , Wang Hedi , Hong Guan , Liang Jing Kang, , Wu Xi Ze Starring wang zizhen, dream-chasing youth drama Meteor Garden The series has finally come to an end, with over 5.1 billion views so far. Sugiki and daoming temple finally defended their emotional freedom and achieved a happy ending, while jiang baihe, played by wang zizhen, was praised by the audience. Although she was a "bad and a little lovely girl", she inadvertently became a god assist for sugiki and daoming temple, and was called the glue of "vegetable temple" by netizens.

Jiang baihe assists "vegetable market" and "cute bad girl" to bring up the finale

In the long-awaited finale, sugiki and daoming temple supported each other with the help of friends and jiang baihe and others, and walked out of difficulties and faced up to their hearts. In this journey of youth, jiang lili and other characters experience the charm of growing up together. There are dawdling, obstacles, laughter and tears along the way. They trust each other and finally reach the end of perfection.

As the classic IP of pair Garden, the romantic story of this pair is full of girl's heart, and the audience can feel the charm of youth with the life and emotion of the characters. Among them, jiang baihe, played by wang zizhen, is also a classic character. She once secretly teased and played a farce to make people laugh and cry, but she also got lost. She sincerely apologized and helped each other in learning together with shan CAI to open the mode of "excellent student".

Wang zizhen is ungrateful for meeting and looking forward to a better future

In the face of the finale, wang zizhen expresses gratitude for the encounter, and she always has her own understanding of the role of jiang baihe. In the performance of wang zizhen, jiang baihe is no longer simply bad, but a girl with a self-standing and a strong sense of justice to her best friend -- "lily in the pair Garden, she is a rich daughter, with a little tsundere and a little stubborn, but she is not so dark. She is a little fan of F4, very care about her best friend, very chivalrous.

Wang zizhen said in an interview that he was initially chosen to play lily. For wang zizhen, it was entirely due to luck. After the shooting, wang zizhen not only accumulated performance experience, but also gained friendship. He became good friends with Shen Yue, who played the role of shan CAI.

From drama to screen, from online drama North and South brothers From "pair Garden" to "pair Garden", wang zizhen took every step with firmness and steadfastness. The accumulated performance experience allowed her to gradually enter the audience's field of vision, and brought her different growth and harvest, as she wrote in her microblog: "grateful for meeting". Full of stars, young dreams, look forward to a better future.

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