Jolin tsai sings “one night for children” public concert jolin and xun zhou join hands to give voice to love

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Linkeddb News October 22  Pop diva of Asia Jolin Tsai 19 evening for 2018" ONE NIGHT for children "public benefit concert, in the role of loving guests sing a classic suite. Jolin Tsai said that she is very happy to do something for the children and it's a great honor to receive it Xun Zhou For the invitation. Jolin Tsai came on stage that night, bringing the classic golden melody and the queen's super Live power to light the scene. The concert is Jolin Tsai's first collaboration with Xun Zhou to appeal to the public to pay attention to and care for special children. Jolin Tsai said, "I want to use my influence to get more people to participate in public welfare."

In recent years, Jolin Tsai has been committed to the cause of charity. From music works to fashion performance, Jolin Tsai always clings to the social arteries and gives a voice to the vulnerable minority groups. In this way, Jolin Tsai will continue to deliver the energy of love in her way as she becomes attached to Xun Zhou for the public good.

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In the name of love & NBSP; Small bodies burst with great energy

On the evening of 19th, Jolin Tsai appeared in a shiny striped suit at the 2018 "ONE NIGHT for children" public benefit concert, with a group of 15 minutes of "Play me pooh," "the sun never sets" and" WuNiang The classic golden melody of "big artist" and "big artist" was performed. Through the Live performance of the band, they performed the well-known "CAI's classic" dances, which instantly ignited the scene atmosphere. Jolin Tsai says she always wanted to be able to communicate positive attitudes and energy through music. "Children are the most important thing we need to care about. I have many fans who are also children Bright I'm very impressed that my fans do a lot of loving ACTS in private.

Jolin Tsai says positive energy is communicated through music. JPG

Jolin Tsai vows to win better future for kids. JPG

Jolin Tsai: I want to see the smiles of children

"ONE NIGHT for children" public concert, Jolin Tsai and the initiator Xun Zhou started the first cooperation. They were introduced to each other by their mutual stylist friends. As the representatives of women's power who burst into a lot of energy in their small bodies, Jolin Tsai and Xun Zhou worked in their respective fields for many years and Shared their dedication to charity and public welfare, which made them hit it off. On the night, Jolin Tsai and many artists performed songs to focus on the growth and development of special children. The idea of "giving kids the same love" and "lighting up the night sky" is a moving one, and one that Jolin Tsai has long held. "Not every child is as lucky as we are, healthy, healthy and perhaps never looked after them. Hopefully we can all take action to help them light their own stars." Jolin Tsai revealed that she will continue to speak out for the public good, to let love out, to help children gain more understanding and respect, and to win a better future.

As an iconic figure in the Chinese music industry, Jolin Tsai keeps improving in music and fashion, and she is equally enthusiastic about public welfare and charity. She has been participating in public welfare activities for many times, and she has devoted herself to charity through practical actions, donating charity ambulances and releasing public welfare songs. Last year, Jolin Tsai donated dozens of clothes and bags for a charity auction on her birthday, with the proceeds going to help poor deaf children implant cochlear implants.

Jolin Tsai said it is hoped that through the power of public figures, more people can join their ranks. Pay attention to the learning environment of disadvantaged children, accompany children to overcome difficulties, and help them to re-light their own shining new light. "What I want most is to see the smiles of children."

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Jolin Tsai has been committed to the cause of charity. JPG

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Jolin Tsai attends 2018 'ONE NIGHT for kids' charity concert. JPG

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