Orange age' william chan ma sichun blows the positive energy horn september 17 two network grand broadcast

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Star connection September 13Directed by Xin Liu, and starring William Chan, Ma Sichun, Yijun Liu, Sebrina Chen, Zuxin Ye and Minghan He, Orange age will be premiered on September 17. On 13th, the film side exposed "justice mission" special edition and "blood legend" role poster, 14 stars gathered to appear, the various forces gradually surfaced, a song of public security heroes and the new era of the people together positive energy movement is about to play. It is reported that the play will be broadcast on the three networks of tencent video, youku video and iQIYI video.

William Chan Ma Sichun joins hands

William Chan's character, liu zi, is known to be a young man who has lost eight years of his life but still possesses the qualities of kindness, plainness and diligence. He is not afraid of great power and clear about right and wrong. With his words and deeds, he contributes positive energy to the society and highlights the greatness of ordinary people. Ma Sichun plays hu rong and liu ziguang, who have a fatalistic emotional entanglement. As an excellent female criminal policeman, she is well-trained, upholds justice and has the courage to fight against crimes.

The 14 characters are the first to reveal their truth and construct the historical picture

The fourteen characters of Orange age have distinct personalities, and together they outline all kinds of market conditions in the era. As a realistic masterpiece, Orange age tells the story of a group of ordinary citizens and the people's police who work together to fight against crimes with blood and justice against the background of drug crimes. In the ups and downs of the story, there are fatherly filial piety, family ties linked by flesh and blood, two of a kind and undying love, brothers who share the same views and share the same meaning, and friendship between friends who share the same fate. More highlights, only to be revealed on September 17!

In the poster, Yijun Liu, who plays nie wanfeng, is hidden among the money and reveals the identity of the chief villain. It is worth mentioning that the business tycoon also once went through life together with Liu ziguang. Ms. Sebrina Chen plays Ms. Li, who, with a hint of wisecrack, fits well with her quirky, domineering presidency.

Under the leadership of liu ziguang, bei xiaoshuai (Zuxin Ye) has grown from an unemployed youth to an entrepreneur. Han jin (Minghan He) is a young, highly professional detective leader who struggles to be at the forefront of public security.

To uphold justice and live up to the mission

"Bad guy's rampant, because of the silence of the good", "justice mission" special series starts with this, showing the image of liu ziguang with integrity and responsibility. The child who had never met was kidnapped. The widowed old man was bullied and helped with all his strength. "I believe there must be someone like Liu ziguang in life, and everything he does has a leading role," director Xin Liu confirmed. The exhibition of the two generations of police images in the play is also an inheritance of the spirit of justice. The young police, represented by hu rong and han jin, are brave and brave. Hu's father huang zhenwu even devoted his life to the anti-drug cause. They will protect the security of the society and the people in the first place, together to build a solid fortress guarding the people.

The new generation of actors have given a brilliant performance, Wu Gang, Heidi Wong, Jianyi Li, Jing Hu, Guoqiang Feng five performance artists joining will be wonderful upgrade again. Wu Gang plays hu yuejin, who is both the director of public security and a kind father who CARES deeply about hu rong. Heidi Wong stars as mei jie, a woman in a hotel with an even bigger plot. Jianyi Li plays guo da ye, an honest and unsophisticated man who is liu ziguang's mentor. Lisa, played by Jing Hu, isa mysterious behind-the-scenes boss. Song Jianfeng, played by Guoqiang Feng, is a leading figure in the police department's fight against crime.

The rugged and slightly darkly funny hou yi (Ren Zhengbin), the sunnily optimistic zhuli (Wang Ge), the spiteful Li Jianguo (Tonghui Wang) and the artless Arthur (Ye Liu).

Many distinctive characters in the film not only fill the gap of market demand, but also have unique social and practical significance. It is a true portrayal of the bloody and responsible contemporary young people like liu ziguang and hu rong, which subverts the public stereotype and helps to build up the current young people's correct values. The film shows the heroism of the public security group, and at the same time, it restores the daily life of the police, and impresses the public with the details. GUO XIAN CHUN, a producer of the golden shield film and television culture center of the ministry of public security and one of the producers of this drama, commented: "Orange age is cut into from the perspective of hot-blooded youth, showing the image of a new era and new youth with integrity and responsibility. The writing of the struggle between two generations of police and crime not only reflects the courage and fortitude passed down from generation to generation of the people's police, but also shows the passion and passion of the police team in the new era.

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