Kenny Lin's girlfriend Claudia has been called out by netizens: Kenny Lin's game account has been blocked.

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Yesterday,Kenny Lin's chicken game account was suddenly closed.After the matter was exposed, Kenny Lin climbed up to the hot search fastly.As a game leader who was delayed by the entertainment industry, The netizens did not expect Kenny Lin's level of playing games to be so bad.They called out Claudia to .supervise Kenny Lin“Don't play games anymore,go home and get married.”But soon,Kenny Lin's chicken game account was unblocked.It turned out that the game company accidentally deleted his account.

Kenny Lin and Claudia

Kenny Lin's girlfriend was exposured by Kenny Lin' s friend Mark Chao nadvertently.But Kenny Lin and Claudia always keep silently.Even many netizens find that they have been together many times,they have never admitted the relationship.They  travel together, go shopping together,even on Claudia's birthday the fans found  that Kenny Lin at the scene.The netizen who has broken the heart often ran to the two people's social networking sites to leave a message to scream at each other. The urging marriage is a daily punch, and Wang Likun is the most optimistic one among Lin's girlfriends.

Kenny Lin and Claudia

Kenny Lin and Claudia image

As the most beautiful without makeup goddess in the entertainment industry,Claudia has had very few gossip events in recent years. Although she has never had a big fire in her works, she always has a very sunny feeling in without makeup, which is probably the reason why she is favored among Kenny Lin gossip girl friends.

Kenny Lin and Claudia go shopping

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September 03,2018 10:18 AM