Okinawa International Film Festival blows 'Chinese style' Michelle Wai brings new entries to the competition

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Okinawa International Film Festival slashes "Chinese style" Michelle Wai is taking new entries

Sweet knowingly switch freely! Michelle Wai Debuts at Okinawa International Film Festival

Michelle Wai Attends Okinawa International Film Festival, Increasing Popularity in Asia

"The 10th Okinawa International Film Festival" has just ended. The King's artist Michelle Wai ( Michelle ) and his starring in the new film "The Mature Love Roaming" exhibitors. Michelle Wai's two sets of Look's Sweet Sensibility can be used to switch between gray and white. This year's Okinawa Film Festival is a big blow to the "Chinese style". There are three Chinese-language films being screened in the "Special Entertainment Film" unit that is the only foreign movie to be screened. As one of them, the film "The Mature Girl Loves Roaming" has attracted much attention both inside and outside the industry. Michelle Wai's brilliant interpretation of the movie has also won numerous praises.

There were over 10,000 people onlookers at the red carpet scene. There were fans who cheered and beckoned to Michelle Wai. There were many fans looking for pictures of their signatures. It is evident that the popularity of many of her works is also growing in Asia. Michelle Wai said: “I'm very happy that my work can go to foreign film festivals, if you have the opportunity to hope to go to different film festivals, such as the Bucheon and Busan International Film Festival.” After the screening, Michelle Wai put on a colorful little mermaid Long skirts that match the island atmosphere of Okinawa sunshine and beach. Originally Michelle Wai wanted to stay one more day in Okinawa busy, but in order to prepare for a new advertisement today, he flew back to Hong Kong last night.

In his ten years as an actor, Michelle Wai has performed numerous roles. "Clover's Dressage To Win" in the young and lively Michelle, " Insanity mental patient" in, " FiresWereStarted " in the sub-firefly and so on. The " The Sleep Curse " in 2017 has deepened everyone's understanding of her and made her acting more and more recognized. Together with the newly-acquisitioned Okinawa Film Festival's “Amateur's Love Walkthrough” and the 20-year-old project “Windling Volcano”, let us not help thinking: How would Michelle Wai, an actor, continue to surprise us?

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