Canis Island'' show foreign media ultra high evaluation of the level of luxury production won the audience

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The animated film " Canis Island " directed by Wes Anderson is being hit across the country. Since the film was released in North America, word of mouth has been leading the way. Not only was it the first opening animation in the history of the Berlin International Film Festival, but it also won the Best Director Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. In addition, the freshness of the film's rotten tomatoes was 91%, the IMDb score was 8.2, the Weibo V rating was 100%, and the Douban score remained at a high score of 8.5. The warm heartfelt emotion between the young boy and the “head” in the movie has also cured many viewers. Today, the video releases a word of mouth video. In the video, the "Wall Street Journal" highly praised "Canis Island" on the delicate screen of the movie. This kind of creative word-of-mouth video also attracted the attention of many viewers.

"Canis Island" show foreign media high evaluation of luxury production level won the audience praise

"Canis Island" Word of Mouth Creative Video Receives Audience's Praise

In this video of this exposure, the film not only showed the audience a deep friendship between the little boy Atari and the five dogs, but also other roles in the film, such as the mayor of Mayor Koo Kobayashi and his talents. The pods and the innocent "Prophets" and "Jupiter" all appeared in the camera. What makes the audience even more gratified is that each scene embeds the rave reviews of overseas authoritative media. On the screen of the TV that is zooming in on the lens, on the top of the "bean pods" where acrobatics are being played, and on the purple Mt. Fuji that is shot down, the audience can capture the high appreciation of the movie by The Wall Street Journal. They commented that "Canis Island" is a film that is highly sought after by movie lovers and is interesting and warm-hearted." In this way, the viewer's smile will be perfectly integrated with the content of the movie and rich in word-of-mouth. The strong reputation of foreign media also attracted more viewers to enter the cinema to watch movies.

Wes Anderson presents the warmest dog scene Hollywood behind the scene team creates the ultimate audio-visual feast

Since the release of the film, the sincere friendship between the young boy and the dog has left a deep impression on the audience, attracting countless “Canis Island” audiences to spontaneously make Amway. “The best animated feature film of the Oscar next year is not Maybe it is a story other than "Canis Island," which tells the story from a dog's point of view. So the boy's language is not translated. It is really fresh and the sense of substitution is strong. It does not hinder watching the movie at all." Symmetrical and precise lens images are so beautiful, there are gorgeous atmosphere colors, this is an imaginative animation movie." "Canis Island" is not only creative and very eye-catching, but the behind-the-scenes production team is also enjoying the audience. Hollywood's big coffee is playing with Brian Coles, Edward Norton , Bill More, Scarlett Johansson , Tilda Swinton , Jeff Goldblum , and the Academy Award for Best Actress with " Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri " Francis Mike Dormond. The Mandarin voice dubbing lineup is also not inferior to the English version, inviting the most powerful voices in the country: Zhu Yawen and Song Jia (actress, born 1980) to dub the film. The wonderful dubbing standards of the Mandarin version have also been praised by the audience. The message “Canis Island” must look at the Mandarin version, and the two-brush English version of the movie experience is even better. In addition to the voice lineup, the behind-the-scenes team of "Canis Island" is equally strong. One of the screenplays was Roman Coppola , the son of the great director Francis Coppola . The artistic director was Adam Stockhausen, who won the Academy Award for Best Art Direction. The music was awarded Oscar for Best Original Music. Alexandre Desplat is responsible. With such extraordinary strength, Hollywood masters have devoted themselves to the film and will surely offer their audience a wonderful audio-visual feast.

The animated film "Canis Island" is in the fiery release of the country.

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